Friday, August 27, 2010

August 2010 Gallup Poll Shows Barack Obama's Approval Rating Highest Among Muslims, Lowest Among Mormons

A Gallup poll of 276,173 adults to determine the connection between religious affiliation and opinion about Barack Obama shows that Obama's approval rating is highest among Muslims and lowest among Mormons. It also shows that Obama's approval rating has been decreasing among adherents of all faiths. The specific numbers for the period January through July 2010:

Protestant/Other Christian: 43 percent
Catholic: 50 percent
Mormon: 24 percent
Jewish: 61 percent
Muslim: 78 percent
Other non-Christian religion: 64 percent
None/Atheist/Agnostic: 63 percent

It should also be noted that Obama's approval rating has fallen further and harder among Mormons (19 percent) during the past year than among other groups. But Politico’s Ben Smith considers the overall picture: “You can spin Gallup's latest any number of ways – He's losing the Jews! The Catholics! The Muslims! – but it strikes me as a reminder more as a reminder of how broad-based Obama's political problems are than a sign of any narrow trend. Everybody's feeling the bad economy, so he's down everywhere.”

Kirk Jowers, a Mormon and head of the University of Utah’s Hinckley Institute of Politics, doesn't believe the trend among Latter-day Saints will change anytime soon. “When only one in 10 Mormons consider themselves liberal, there’s not a natural base of Obama support among Mormons,” Jowers said. “Mormons are well-known for the F’s: families, frugality and faith. Traditionally, those values have been more closely associated with conservatives and the Republican Party.”

But the disparity between Mormons and Obama may also be a reflection of the difference between the United Order and Communism. While the current LDS organizational system is a pale reflection of the United Order, Obama's socialism is a pale reflection of Communism. The difference between the two is free agency; the United Order permits it, Communism prohibits it. Nowhere in the world has Communism ever been imposed except by deception or force. Read a comparison of Communism vs. the United Order HERE.

The fact that so many Jews still support Obama even though he's tilted more towards the Palestinians in the Middle East has drawn fire from some conservatives. The following comment was posted in response to this CNN Political Ticker story:

Rickster August 27th, 2010 11:23 am ET
Sixty-one percent approval rate among Jews? Are you kidding me? Apparently the Jewish people don't really care too much about the destiny of themselves or their homeland. Conservatives are forever supporting Israel and the Jewish people against the constant assault from the democrats. Maybe we are wasting our time. If they don't care maybe we shouldn't care.

Can you really blame him? After all, it seems like every time we turn on the T.V., there's some potty-mouthed Jewish comic like Bill Maher or Sara Silverman denigrating traditional American values and standards. Then there's Abe Foxman constantly bitching about so-called "anti-Semitism" and demanding more and more Holocaust indoctrination. Only a handful of courageous Jews like Michael Savage speak out publicly and consistently on behalf of our country. At some point, it's normal for people to say "To hell with these crybabies, let them fend for themselves".

Other coverage worth a read has been published by CNSNews, the Los Angeles Times, and HotAir.

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  1. You defend Michael Savage? A jew is a jew and you defend them?