Sunday, August 15, 2010

Another Reason To Vote Yes On Alaska 2010 Ballot Measure Two, The Parental Notification Initiative; Catholic Anchor Tells The Story Of "Jane"

The Catholic Anchor, which is an official outlet of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Anchorage, tells the story about a teenage girl named "Jane" who was impregnated by her boyfriend out of wedlock. Because the girl's parents were supportive and did not over-react, she initially decided she was going to have the baby.

But then the boyfriend, not wanting to marry the girl, and fearing 18 years of child support payments, began to pressure her into having an abortion. For a while, Jane successfully resisted the pressure -- and a $10,000 bribe offer by the boyfriend's father. Then the boyfriend started threatening to commit suicide. Jane could no longer resist, and flew to Seattle to have the abortion. Washington does not require abortionists to notify a minor girl’s parent before performing an abortion on her. On the day of the secret abortion, Jane was 17 years old; her unborn baby daughter was heading into her sixth month.

Jane's mother Anna reflects on the agony in the video embedded below:

Opponents of Ballot Measure Two have employed nearly every possible strategem to stop it. First, they attempted to use the court system to judicially quash it, which would have deprived Alaskans of their right to weigh in on this initiative. When this gambit failed, Planned Parenthood then formed a disingenuously-named false-flag operation called Alaskans Against Government Mandates. This Tea Party-sounding name is obviously intended to hoodwink casual voters into believing this is a "liberty" issue rather than a "family" issue. If they were serious about opposing "government mandates", they would have opposed the mandate in Obamacare. Their primary concerns: Family communication shouldn't be mandated by government, and protecting teens and families should be the goal instead of new laws that put teens at risk.

But does it really put teens at "risk"? The chief proponent of Ballot Measure Two, Alaskans For Parental Rights, suggests that the real risk is in allowing an emotionally-vulnerable teenage girl to make such a life-altering decision without the input of the two people who know her best -- her parents. Why is it that nearly every medical procedure involving kids requires parental notification and consent EXCEPT abortion? The fact is that Ballot Measure Two won't even require consent; it merely requires a bonafide attempt at notification. And in those rare instances where an abusive parent is involved, there is a “judicial bypass” procedure that allows judges to waive the requirement for parental notice on a case-by-case basis. In cases of abuse, a minor can also have another person with knowledge of the abuse sign an affidavit, which would also waive the parental notice requirement.

-- Read the specific language of Ballot Measure Two HERE
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-- Read a brilliant dissection of Alaskans Against Government Mandates and a cogent defense of Ballot Measure Two published July 24th by Alaska Voices columnist Kevin Clarkson HERE.

We frequently complain about parents not taking responsibility for their kids. Passage of Ballot Measure Two will actually encourage parents to take more responsibility for their kids by protecting parental prerogative. Vote Yes On 2 on August 24th, 2010

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  1. We really need a law like this to encourage parents to take "responsibility" for their kids?


    Personally, I hear more complaints about getting government out of the personal lives of citizens, but this legislation evidently does rather the opposite. I feel for those folks, but it's really none of the state's business. Nor should it become the business of the state in this matter.