Saturday, August 21, 2010

Alaska's True Conservative Eddie Burke Picks Up Alaska Right To Life Endorsement, Is Interviewed By AARP

If there was any lingering doubt in the minds of Republican voters as to who the true conservative in the Alaska Lieutenant Governor's race is, such doubts were shattered once and for all on August 16th, 2010 when Eddie Burke announced that he had picked up the endorsement of Alaska Right To Life, one of the leading pro-family and pro-life advocacy groups in the state. It should be noted that Alaska Right To Life does NOT pass out endorsements like Halloween candy; Burke was one of only eight Alaska candidates to earn their endorsement for the August 24th primary election.

On his official campaign website, Burke posted the following statement of appreciation:

“The Right to Life cause is one that has been important to me and my family for many years. Personal experience has taught me the value of life—even in the most challenging and uncertain circumstances. Alaska Right to Life is a wonderful organization that is dedicated to sharing their unwavering message of hope with all Alaskans. I am honored by their support and their faith in me.”

Mead Treadwell has also claimed the mantle of "conservative", and he does promote some conservative principles. He also possesses a diverse and substantive public service resume. But he also hornswoggled the Conservative Patriots Group (CPG) into endorsing him; when it was revealed that Treadwell had previously supported Lisa Murkowski over CPG endorsee Joe Miller, CPG promptly withdrew the endorsement. Jay Ramras is not a conservative like Burke, but then Ramras doesn't pretend to be what he is not. At present, Ramras has been targeted with an APOC complaint for allegedly violating state election law with his constant ads for his Fairbanks business, Pike’s Waterfront Lodge. The complainant alleges that some of the rhetoric in the Pike's ads is similar to his rhetoric in separate campaign advertisements, although there is no evidence that Ramras overtly pushed his political candidacy in his Pike's ads. This may prove to be a tempest in a teapot. Ramras does have a reputation for being a bit eccentric at times, though.

Eddie Burke was also recently interviewed by the American Association of Retired Persons (AARP). Full interview embedded below:

To be fair to the other Republicans, here are links to the Mead Treadwell video, the Jay Ramras video, and the Bob Lupo video. Other AARP candidate interviews are accessible HERE. The Republican candidates also appeared on KAKM Channel 7's "Running"; audio embedded below:

The lieutenant governor's race was also the subject of a profile on KTUU Channel 2, which has reorganized its website and is now using better video technology:

While the other races have proved difficult to choose, no such difficulty exists in this race. I was fired up about Eddie Burke from day number one; the only other candidates that motivated me as much were Ronald Reagan in 1980 and Pat Buchanan in 2000. Eddie Burke is the slam dunk choice for this race; the energetic and extroverted Burke would be a perfect complement to the insular and introverted Sean Parnell, assuming Parnell wins.

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  1. I agree and voted for Eddie because he has consistently shown conservative principles vs. Treadwell's recent donations to Selkregg and Claman.