Sunday, August 29, 2010

Alaska Senate Candidate Joe Miller Appears On CBS "Face The Nation", Proposes Exchanging Federal Funding For Greater State Power Over Resources

Alaska Republican U.S. Senate candidate Joe Miller, who's awaiting the outcome of three counts of absentee ballots to take place on August 31st, September 3rd, and September 8th to determine if he has officially prevailed over Senator Lisa Murkowski, appeared on the CBS program Face The Nation on August 29th, 2010. Miller appeared well-prepared and was able to respond thoughtfully and intelligently to Bob Schieffer's questions. Full CBS video (6:24) embedded below:


-- Joe Miller led off by crediting endorsements rendered by Sarah Palin, Loren Leman, and Mike Huckabee, as well as local talk show hosts Glen Biegel and Dan Fagan, as instrumental in his success. By crediting Fagan, Miller shows he doesn't hold political grudges; until his last-minute switcheroo, Fagan was a severe critic of Miller.

-- Miller then discussed the proposed reduction in Federal funding in greater detail. He once again reiterated his suggestion that America's $13 trillion national debt renders the nation effectively bankrupt, and believes that the entire country, including Alaska, needs to share the sacrifice of correcting this problem. But Miller actually proposes a swap; in exchange for decreased Federal funding, Miller wants a transfer of more power back to the states. If Alaska received more power over its land and resources, Alaska could not only pay its own way more effectively, but even extend greater benefit to the country as a whole.

Of course, this would presume we Alaskans would use that power wisely; in his latest column entitled "Choosing status quo won't fill up the pipeline", Paul Jenkins points out that we need to extract new oil; specifically, the additional five billion barrels estimated to be still pooled beneath the North Slope. At present, that oil is off-limits partially because of the refusal of the Feds to open up ANWR and also because some of it is economically unfeasible to recover due to the confiscatory taxation policy of ACES (Alaska's Clear and Equitable Share).

-- Finally, Miller addressed the two "third rails" of American entitlements, Medicare and Social Security. Miller emphasized that he has no plans to "gut" either program, contrary to the distorted picture painted by the progressives at Think Progress. Instead, he wants to reform both so that they can better pay existing obligations. But because both Medicare and SS are headed for the rocks financially, Miller believes it's important to place ALL prospective solutions on the table, to include the possibility of privatization.

Hat tip to Bob Schieffer for asking tough but fair questions. Unlike hatchetwoman Katie Couric, who deliberately ambushed Sarah Palin in 2008, Schieffer is a throwback to the days when CBS practiced real journalism. In contrast, Katie Couric practices what I call "upskirt journalism", in reference to female journalists who minimize exposure of their professional deficiencies by showing their legs to maximum advantage on their programs.

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