Thursday, August 05, 2010

Alaska Senate Candidate Joe Miller To Launch New T.V. Ads, Interviewed By Human Events, Unveils Hard-Hitting Immigration Reform Platform

Alaska Republican Senate candidate Joe Miller may be running 30 to 40 points behind in the polls against Lisa Murkowski, but apparently, like the famed American ship captain John Paul Jones of the Revolutionary era, he's just begun to fight. Politics Daily reveals that the Tea Party Express has just produced and is preparing to run two new T.V. ads on Miller's behalf. They're on YouTube, embedded below:

Joe Miller has also been interviewed by the prestigious Human Events magazine, which shows that he's acquiring national status. They've posted a part of the interview online. He discusses his basic political vision, his priorities for Alaska, and, most importantly, his differences with the incumbent Lisa Murkowski.

But most impressively, Joe Miller has seen how Arizona's new immigration enforcement law, SB1070, has struck such a responsive chord with so many ordinary Americans who not only do NOT benefit from our Open Borders policy, but have seen their jobs devalued and stolen by illegal immigrants as well as their neighborhoods and cities degraded by their presence. So he's crafted a hard-hitting no-nonsense platform designed to replicate the better parts of SB1070 while avoiding the more controversial aspects:

* Build a permanent border and deploy the necessary military and border security personnel secure it.
* No Amnesty for the people who broke our laws to come the U.S. Unlawful behavior cannot be rewarded.
* End the "Catch and Release" policy by making expedited removal of illegal aliens mandatory and require the completion of the US-VISIT entry-exit system, which uses biometric information to confirm the identity of foreign travelers entering and leaving the United States.
* Require employer verification of worker eligibility to work in the United States and stiffer punitive penalties for knowingly hiring illegal workers.
* Enact legislation declaring English as the official language.
* Limit birthright citizenship to the children of United States citizens and legal permanent residents.
* Deny certain federal funds to states that allow illegal immigrants to get driver's licenses.
* Deny federal education grants to public universities that violate the law by offering in-state tuition breaks for illegal immigrants.
* End all loopholes in federal law[s] that benefit illegal aliens, and those who profit from their illegal presence in the United States.

Surprisingly, ALIPAC has not extended an endorsement to Joe Miller yet, even though this platform basically mirrors their professed goals. This failure leads me to question William Gheen's stability and sincerity in fighting against illegal immigration. Gheen actually worked against other patriots promoting immigration reform in Arizona; Digger's Realm present the details in a series of posts beginning HERE.

The primary election ain't quite over yet. This could bring Joe Miller back within striking range of Lisa Murkowski.

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  1. Poornima Wagh8/06/2010 6:09 PM

    Funny how things work in this country. I've been living in the United States going on 20 years now. Candidates come and go, make hollow promises to the people, and then become part of the entrenched "status quo" once they ascend into the power seat. Lisa Murkowski fits the above description to the hilt. She's an elitist, liberal wolf covering herself in "Republican and conservative" values. Everything this woman does in the senate, reeks of liberalism and a state sponsored "welfare"scheme in the making. As far as illegal immigration is concerned, I can predict with more than a 100% accuracy, that if our present set of clowns in government grant 20 million illegals amnesty, this country is FINISHED for good. Take it from a "legal immigrant" who has worked her way up a corrupt system, that rewards illegals and terrorizes highly educated and productive legal immigrants such as myself. By the way the phrase illegal immigrants is completely erroneous, because in reality the people who break laws to enter the United States are illegal aliens and have no intention to immigrate at all. Hence they should be dubbed and rightly called "illegal aliens" and not illegal immigrants. These illegals, create so much havoc and mistrust among Americans, that even legal immigrants get a bad name due to them. So I say to all Americans and legal immigrants alike: Take a hard stand against illegal immigration, deport ALL of them, no amnesty, tighten and secure our borders and most importantly, Mr. Obama: do your job and enforce the land of the law which has been mandated by our supreme court against illegal immigration some 30 years ago.

    Ms. Poornima Wagh
    Santa Barbara, California