Thursday, July 22, 2010

Ivan Moore Poll Shows Alaska Senator Lisa Murkowski Clobbering Joe Miller By 32 Points; 54.3 Percent Said "Joe Who"?

Alaska's second leading pollster Ivan Moore was commissioned to take the political pulse of 647 likely Alaska voters from July 7-11. Among them were 303 potential Republican primary voters. And from those 303, he found out that incumbent Republican Senator Lisa Murkowski may now be a prohibitive favorite to win the Republican primary election over challenger Joe Miller on August 24th, 2010. By the way, Ivan Moore himself inserted the questions about this race; neither candidate paid for them. Read the full results of the poll HERE; the specific numbers for this race:

-- Lisa Murkowski: 61.8 percent
-- Joe Miller: 29.6 percent
-- Undecided: 8.6 percent

When Ivan Moore asked all 647 respondents how they felt about Murkowski and Miller, here's what he found out:

-- Lisa Murkowski
---- Generally Positive: 42.8 percent
---- Neutral: 15.4 percent
---- Generally Negative: 29.3 percent
---- Lisa Who? 2.5 percent

-- Joe Miller
---- Generally Positive: 18.3 percent
---- Neutral: 14.6 percent
---- Generally Negative: 12.8 percent
---- Joe Who? 54.3 percent

Wait a minute. Joe Miller's been campaigning hard for three months, he's trailing by 32 points, 54 percent of voters don't know who he is, Lisa Murkowski has $2.4 million in the bank, and there's only 4 weeks before the August 24th primary? Sorry, Joe, but this race is for all intents and purposes over. I don't see how he can come back from this. He's accomplished part of his mission by driving Lisa Murkowski to the right on a few issues, most notably immigration, but that's as far as it goes. Nevertheless, Miller has three debates scheduled with Murkowski on August 10th, 11th, and 18th, and he can go down swinging instead of taking called strikes. He can at least let Lisa Murkowski know that if she's going to re-invent herself as more conservative, she needs to STAY RE-INVENTED after the election.

There's only been one other scientific poll of Murkowski's chances. Back in April, Alaska's number one pollster Dave Dittman took a scientific poll in which he asked the question, "Looking ahead to this year’s election for U.S. Senate, do you feel U.S. Senator Lisa Murkowski has been doing a good enough job for Alaska to deserve re-election, or should she be replaced?". Among Republicans only, 75 percent said she deserved re-election, 18 percent said No, and 7 percent Unsure. So in three months, Murkowski's support has only shrunk from 75 percent to 62 percent.

Partisans of Joe Miller don't seem deterred by these numbers, however. Nearly 100 of them packed their way into Denny's in Fairbanks on July 21st to hear Tea Party Express field director Tiffiny Ruegner speak. Ruegner called Murkowski one of the top five Republican RINOS in the Senate, meaning she doesn’t conform sufficiently to the party line. Ruegner said Murkowski, like many people who go to Washington D.C., has lost her way. The Tea Party Express has now released four more radio ads supporting Miller for U.S. Senate to air on Alaska radio stations and has plans to ramp up its media involvement in the coming weeks. Listen to Joe Miller's July 21st interview by Libertarian Politics Live on BlogTalkRadio below (61 minutes):

Listen to internet radio with Eric Dondero on Blog Talk Radio

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