Thursday, July 08, 2010

Alaska Congressman Don Young Expresses Support For Arizona SB1070, Belatedly Agrees To Debate Republican Challenger Sheldon Fisher

During an appearance at the Best Western Kodiak Inn on Tuesday July 6th, 2010, Congressman Don Young spoke with both enthusiasm and disgust about the events of the past year in Congress. The disgust was aimed principally at the House Democrats and Speaker Nancy Pelosi for a year during which he said the House did little except pass three bills he opposed - the cap-and-trade global warming bill, the healthcare bill and most recently the financial reform bill.

The enthusiasm was reserved for Arizona SB1070, which is currently being challenged in court by the Obama Administration (read the 25-page Federal complaint HERE). Congressman Young expressed support in principle for Arizona's new law. In response to a question about SB1070, Young predicted the law would withstand the legal challenge from the U.S. Department of Justice; a new Rasmussen Reports survey shows that 56 percent of respondents oppose the DOJ's suit. But Congressman Young even more strongly favors an immigration policy of cracking down on employers who hire illegal immigrants. Congressman Young is clearly the stalwart on our Congressional delegation when it comes to immigration; Numbers USA rates him a "B", while they rate Sen. Lisa Murkowski a "C-" and Sen. Mark Begich an abysmal "F-".

Arizona Governor Jan Brewer presents myths and facts about SB1070 HERE.

Don Young spoke about the three big bills at length:

-- Obamacare: Young called the health care bill - the only bill of the three that has so far passed into law - the "worst-constructed bill" he has seen in his life. And he would know; he's got 37 years seniority.

-- Cap-And-Trade: Young called it an unnecessary tax, and he dismissed global warming as a natural phenomenon and an excuse for the federal government to create new regulations.

-- Financial Reform: Young said it overstepped the goal of regulating banks and would affect any business that offered customers credit, including dentists and auto mechanics. He would have preferred that it be limited to banks.

In a separate development, the Young campaign, obviously stung by repeated allegations that their principal has been ducking debates with chief Republican challenger Sheldon Fisher, finally agreed to at least one debate, which will take place in Fairbanks on August 10th. Additional debates are being considered. Fisher challenged Young to a series of six debates earlier this year. Granted, Don Young's duties take up much of his time, but he should have responded earlier. It is unknown if the other Republican challenger, John Cox, will participate.


  1. I think it is a good thing that the main stream politicians are opposed to this bill. It shows the people of this nation where our so called leaders actually stand.

    These leaders have no care for you or yours, all they care about is feathering their own roost. We are being spoon fed by the jew that Diversity is our strength, they indoctrinate our youth into believing that we are all the same under the color of our skin and all should be equal.

    What these kikes refuse to acknowledge though is that if this is way of the future why do they then not follow this same ideology in their own terrorist nation?

  2. Obama has already shown us where he stands -- with the President of Mexico against a sovereign state of the U.S. Barack Obama isn't merely a political opponent - he's the enemy.

  3. Poornima Wagh7/13/2010 2:20 PM

    Well put Anchorage activist! I agree with you a 100%. However, Obama's not only the enemy, but has pledged to systematically dismantle and disintegrate the United States and erode it's legacy very quickly. He has gone against everything this country stands for. The bastard is a traitor and a con artist. He means to demean the United States and make us come down to the level of mediocre third world nations because the third world nations for all their moaning and bitching, will never amount to anything due to their third world mentality. So if the third world cannot be like us, then Obama's premise is that why not make the US come down it's pedestal and stand more on par with Third World shithole nations right? Hence, logically Obama's plan is to make us one of these third world countries. There is an urgent need to get rid of Obama and his cronies immediately, otherwise you will see the demise of this great nation that once was. Where do I start: first the huge stimulus packages to the banks, then the healthcare debacle and UNCONSTITUTIONAL ramrodding of the healthcare bill down American throats, now illegal immigration and amnesty. This guy ain't going to stop. We need impeachment now! All this coming from me: a legal and highly educated professional immigrant who had to bear the brunt of nonsense with INS (now homeland security) over the last 19 years to finally become a citizen of this country in December 2009. If I can be this patriotic and daring, for christ's sake so should every American who see their rights trampled outright by this tyrannical government. Time to wake up and throw Obama out of office.

    Ms.Poornima Wagh
    Santa Barbara, CA