Sunday, June 27, 2010

Conservative Patriots Group Announces Two More Alaska Endorsements: Mark Neuman For House District 15 And Cathy Giessel For Senate District P

As promised, the Conservative Patriots Group (CPG) announced two more endorsements on Saturday June 26th, 2010, and both involved state legislative races. The CPG endorsed incumbent District 15 Rep. Mark Neumann (R-Wasilla) and Senate District P Republican candidate Cathy Giessel, who seeks to replace Con Bunde.

While the CPG has not yet offered any explanation for their endorsements, a look at Mark Neumann's voting record in the state legislature and lists of bills he's either written or co-sponsored since he was first elected in 2004, available HERE and HERE, show that Neuman is pro-life, pro-family, pro-Second Amendment, and pro-business. His responses to the 2006 Political Courage Test reveal much more about his politics, including his opposition to race and gender-based affirmative action, his support of the death penalty, his support of a constitutional amendment banning same-sex partners of public employees from receiving benefits, his support of tort reform in medical malpractice suits, and his support of medical marijuana under a doctor's supervision.

Opposing Neuman in the August 24th Republican primary is Stephen Jacobson, who also appears to be conservative. In this June 7th Frontiersman article, Jacobson explains why he is running against Neuman. Jacobson believes District 15 isn’t getting it's fair share of attention from the state, that there are numerous much-needed improvements to infrastructure in the area that just aren’t getting done. He believes Neuman has not worked hard enough to get the funding needed for infrastructure in District 15. In response, Neuman said he'd rather dole out capital projects slowly so the jobs building them go to Alaskans instead of Outsiders. Neumann believes that if we put out too many capital projects at once, it superheats the economy and attracts too many Outsiders. It promotes a boom-or-bust mentality.

The differences between Mark Neuman and Stephen Jacobson are anecdotal, at best. Unless Neuman turns out to be another Vic Kohring, I'd go with the experience. Since there are no other candidates, the winner of the August 24th primary becomes the Representative for the next two years.

The Conservative Patriots Group also chose to endorse Republican Cathy Giessel in the Senate District P race. This will give her a boost over Republican opponents Mark Moronell and South Anchorage Assemblywoman Jennifer Johnston. Both Giessel and Moronell believe the private sector should take the lead in assuring affordable health care for as many as possible, although only Giessel explicitly opposes any legislation forcing all people to buy insurance. Both favor diversifying Alaska's economy further and providing more incentives for the free market to take the lead. But Giessel goes further than Moronell in one area - social issues. Giessel is explicitly pro-family and pro-life. Giessel also has a much longer service resume than Moronell.

Jennifer Johnston's presence in the race is inexplicable. She represents South Anchorage quite well on the Assembly, she offers nothing significantly different than the other two Republicans, and her presence in the Republican race merely muddies up the Republican picture. Furthermore, if District P Republicans choose Johnston, and she wins in November, that will open up a hole on the Anchorage Assembly -- a hole that might be filled by someone who won't represent South Anchorage as well on the Assembly. Johnston's replacement would be initially appointed by the Assembly rather than be elected by the people.

The real Republican choice should remain between Cathy Giessel and Mark Moronell, and the CPG endorsement of Giessel shows she's more conservative. Janet Reiser supplies the Democratic opposition.

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  1. It is too bad this is their endorsement. I truely believe Stephen Jacobson would be a much better representative than what we've received in House District 15 so far under Neuman.

    Jacobson is a strong advocate for the Seniors in our district. He has worked tirelessly for not only the Seniors but also the Veterans. He is of good heart!