Thursday, June 17, 2010

Anchorage Resident Patti Randall Claims $350,000 Jackpot In Alaska STAR Lotto; Abe Spicola Learns Valuable Lessons In Public Relations

The winner of the Alaska S.T.A.R. (Standing Together Against Rape) Lotto has stepped forward to claim the prize. Anchorage resident Patti Randall, who bought only four tickets, held the winning ticket, drawn at Rumrunners on Tuesday June 15th, 2010. Full stories from KTVA Channel 11 and KTUU Channel 2.

After deductions for taxes, Randall will receive $245,000. Ironically, she almost blew it at the last moment. KTUU reported that Randall almost hung up on the notification phone call because she didn't know who was calling, and that two weeks ago she almost changed her number. Still, she's by no means disappointed in the smaller payout. When asked what she would do with her winnings, Randall said, "Help my parents out, both our immediate families, travel around, and donate some here and there." Hopefully she won't be besieged by moochers and deadbeats wanting a free handout.

As for S.T.A.R.'s cut, Lucky Times Lotto owner Abe Spicola said it looks like they'll end up with anywhere from $12,000 to $20,000. Spicola says it could take a few weeks to calculate their precise share. Still, that would be higher than the $11,000 S.T.A.R. received last year, even though the original goal was $50,000. By law, S.T.A.R is required to receive ten percent of the income from the lotto after the payout and after Spicola gets his cut. After six months of postponements, Spicola decided to put the issue to bed and shut it down with a reduced jackpot in order to prevent further erosion of his credibility.

Spicola learned one big lesson from this sequence -- PUBLICITY. Spicola said, "It was a learning lesson. You know, we did learn a lot of lessons in this last one, what to do, what not to do, and you know how to handle the public maybe just a little bit better when it comes to informing them about postponements and stuff like that." I still think he should set up at least an informational static webpage in the future to keep people informed as to the status of such a lottery, presuming the law permits.

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