Sunday, June 06, 2010

Alaska State Representative Les Gara Organizes Legislative Lynch Mob Against The Owner Of The Asia Garden Bar In Anchorage

Regular readers of this blog may still be familiar with the April 2nd, 2010 incident at the Asia Garden bar in Anchorage where the owner allegedly refused admittance to a group of Polynesians because they looked like some other Polynesians who caused a ruckus back on January 31st. You can read my April 9th post to get up to speed on the details.

Now it appears that some state lawmakers want a piece of the action -- and a share of the glory -- in bringing down a so-called "evil racist". Alaska Dispatch reports on June 6th that Rep. Les Gara (pictured above left) has organized a legislative lynch mob, including Reps. Pete Petersen, Max Gruenberg, along with Senators Bill Wielechowski and Johnny Ellis, to stick their noses into this affair. The lawmakers represent areas of Anchorage where Polynesians are the most numerous, and they profess to be trying to broker a solution. Note that all five lawmakers are Democrats; no self-respecting Republican has, or should, have anything to do with this.

Why do I call them a legislative lynch mob? Let's view it from the perspective of the Asia Gardens owner, Fei Harding, who is an immigrant of Asian origin. When the controversy first broke, some of the local media, including KTVA, ADN reporter Julia O'Malley, and FM 104.9 radio personality Corinna Delgado piled on her and started savaging her. Now this immigrant, who's merely trying to run a business and create wealth and jobs, has received a letter from all five of these lawmakers demanding that she participate in a sitdown with members of Anchorage's Polynesian community. Rep. Gara is imperiously demanding a promise that this will never happen again.

So first, Fei Harding is mobbed by the media. Then the victims file a complaint against her with the state Human Rights Commission. Now she's being mobbed by lawmakers. Can you blame her if she thinks she's being targeted by political "lynch mobs" merely for trying to keep order in her establishment?

Rep. Gara writes the following in Alaska Dispatch:

The right policy is to do what many bars do -- post pictures of those individuals they do not want to enter because of their conduct. I can't believe I also had to write, in 2010, that separate is not equal. It never has been. This kind of policy is not legal under the Alaska's human rights laws, which were first enacted in territorial days when Alaska Natives were told they couldn't enter restaurants and movie theaters. It's not legal under the federal civil rights legislation pushed by people like Dr. King. It's not acceptable.

If Rep. Gara is so concerned about legality, perhaps he should first seek to put an end to race-based affirmative action in the state of Alaska. Affirmative action is generally anti-White; it presumes that all non-Whites are inherent victims and allows entities to extend preferential job consideration to non-Whites simply because they've been declared a "protected class". Civil rights is supposed to be about equal opportunity, not equal outcome.

Would you like to hold these five lawmakers electorally accountable? Here are the particulars, from the Alaska Division of Elections website:

-- Les Gara: Running for House District 23. No primary or general election opponents. So sorry -- you're stuck with this wanker for two more years.

-- Bill Wielechowski: Opposed by Republican Ron Slepecki in Senate District J. Slepecki is a highly-qualified candidate who's been active in community affairs. A social and fiscal conservative who's a veteran of 20 years military service. Slepecki CAN WIN.

-- Johnny Ellis: Opposed by Republican Richard Wanda in Senate District L. Not much hope here for those who want to hold Ellis electorally accountable; Wanda is a "perennial candidate".

-- Pete Petersen: Opposed by former Kodiak lawmaker Gabrielle LeDoux, a Republican, in House District 19. LeDoux is experienced and would be an excellent replacement for Petersen.

-- Max Gruenberg: Opposed by Libertarian Scott Kohlhaas in House District 20. Kohlhaas is the one Libertarian candidate who's clearly electable; he's run for office before and has been involved in several campaigns designed to combat intrusive, invasive government and to promote more liberty and freedom among Alaskans.


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