Sunday, May 30, 2010

More Problems With Security Alarms Salesmen In Juneau, Alaska; Now APX Security Is Under Fire For Predatory And Misleading Sales Tactics

On May 7th, 2010, the Juneau Empire published an article reporting an upsurge in false alarm calls from installed security systems. From April 15th through May 7th, the number of false alarms was double the total over the same period in 2009. And the increase seems to be tied to a number of people who purchased security systems from Pinnacle and APX Alarm Security Solutions (the Empire misreported the latter as "APEX"). Both companies are headquartered in the Utah Valley; Pinnacle in Orem and APX in Provo.

I discussed Pinnacle Security's predatory tactics in Juneau in a previous post. But now it appears that APX is also engaging in predatory tactics in Juneau as well. Local residents continue to complain about seeing individuals inspecting properties without first contacting the homeowner. Police continue to receive numerous phone calls from concerned residents being approached by door-to-door salesmen who were not taking no for an answer and being too aggressive, according to police spokeswoman Cindee Brown-Mills. She said the department contacted both Pinnacle and APX to ensure the sales pitches weren't a scam.

One Juneau resident said he was approached by salesmen for both companies, but he felt something was amiss. "I thought it was peculiar that Pinnacle came by three weeks ago and now APX," Garry Remsberg said. "They were pushy and rude and didn't like that I wouldn't put their sign in the yard. Neither had any information (about the companies or alarm systems). I have three or four friends in other areas who asked for business cards too and didn't get any."

Representatives with APX could not be reached for comment at the time of publication. However, the company's BBB record shows it's received a letter grade of "C-". The BBB processed 1648 complaints about this company during the past 36 months, and 450 of them related to sales practice issues. APX is not a BBB-accredited business. Also read these rip-off reports HERE and HERE (both from 2007, though). A series of more recent customer reviews are available HERE.

More stories are posted in the comments section to the Juneau Empire.

Posted by: hooter98 at May. 7, 2010 at 9:49:49 pm
I had one of these APX clowns at my door last night and the exchange that resulted was not friendly. This guy's behavior went way beyond pushy, aggressive comes to mind. I shut the door on him after saying 'Not interested' at least three times after which he left my porch. I doubt he realizes how close he came to being assisted in his departure!

Posted by: JuneauLifer at May. 8, 2010 at 12:23:18 am
My future daughter-in-law had an awful encounter with these idiots. They tried every means possible to get in the front door and were ticked-off when she told them "absolutely not." I wouldn't purchase anything from people who behave the way these guys did!

Posted by: fireguy at May. 8, 2010 at 5:01:09 am
I also had these pushy guys at my house. Even though you throw them off your property they still want you to refer them to your neighbors and friends. Thanks but no thanks

Posted by: imabrewer at May. 10, 2010 at 4:04:47 am
An APX kid came to our door. He was nice enough. by the way, funny to see that people think that all the salesman for these companies are nice even though they've probably met only one of them. With that many complaints I'm sure both companies have their fair share of aggressive salespeople cruising around Juneau. And I like the comment that out of 20,000 people there have "only" been 1100 complaints, that's over 5%! Not very good in my book, most companies shoot for less than 1% failures. Anyway, this kid that came to our door proceeded to tell us about all the break-ins in our neighborhood and that we really needed a system. My wife does volunteer work with the police and we know there have been no problems in our neighborhood, so beware of them scaring you into getting a system based on incorrect facts. After she told him this, he then tried to tell us the OxyContin addicts were on the rise and we should be careful anyway...she again corrected him and said that Oxy is falling again due to high prices. The kid was clueless. My wife told him she couldn't do anything without me here, so he then said he'd stop by after I got home to see if I was interested. He never came back and avoided our house like the plague the rest of the night. We saw him walk our neighborhood for 7 hours trying to hit up people as they came home all day, so beware....they don't go away very easily. Have your facts ready and confront them about false crime data and you can probably catch them off guard and have a litle fun with them, otherwise just tell them to go away and hopefully they do.

APX is in some real hot water in Arkansas. The Sherwood Voice reports that the Arkansas Board of Private Investigators, Private Security Agents and Alarms has been swarmed with complaints against APX alarm company solicitors; the same problems as in Juneau. APX at least had the dignity to respond to Arkansas media; Stewart Dean, spokesman for APX, said he wasn’t aware of any specific complaints about his company and that APX vigorously investigated any complaints. Obviously Dean has never visited the BBB website.


  1. Tonight 6-29-10 one of the sales persons came to my door and promised the moon. I was a little leary since nothing is for free.. or lets say a small monthly price. I asked him to come back in a 1/2 hour and I used my time to contact JPD and research the company on the internet.. and low and behold I realized that they have many many complaints. thank you for your site... when he returned he was not happy that I found out what I did... and left mumbling words about not trusting the how about not trusting any door to door salesman... I am so glad I didnt get pulled into this scam.. Again THANK YOU

  2. You people are beyond ridiculous...You must have nothing to do but gossip and gossip. I had an APX system installed in my home in Lemon Creek and could not be more satisfied...I'm going to guess that not a single one of you has had the system installed in your home, or you wouldn't be saying these things. They actually have sold over 500,000 of these systems over the past 10 years in the US and Canada.
    Trust me I did my research as well before I let them install it. You people just need to realize that it is just as easy for a competitor to post a misleading comment as it is anyone else to...I love my APX system and we have a lot of peace of mind because of it. They have had 1800 complaints out of 500,000, that is actually a fraction of a % of people who are dissatisfied with them. An interesting fact that I learned long ago when starting my charter business is that you cannot trust sources like the BBB all the time, they are out to make money just as any other company is. Compare that C- rating to Disneyworld (an F on the BBB) and BP, (an A on the BBB). The truth is that the BBB will remove complaints based on the company's ability to pay them to do so. Do more research than what you have been doing on this gossip column and you really won't be disappointed. I will let anyone come to my home to see my system in person if they don't believe me.

  3. no a bad deal at all.

    i have lived in Juneau for 40 year and i never saw door to door salles people..but i new there has been a lot of problems with drugs just here in duglas,and downtown. That is why i got the system and i think this new technology is actually pretty good.. my sister actually bought an entired security system from another company in Conecticut and she; pays the police service and it was beyond expensive..

    A week ago we were watching a movie and there was a glass breaking in it, and the alarm was activated by the sound because i got a glass break detector. The monitoring service were calling us trough the panel if everything was alright, we were really surprized!..
    we like the system.

  4. Around 7pm on a weekday evening last week, I was alone upstairs in my boyfriends house in Juneau, where I live. I heard a strange scratching noise at the door downstairs. It didn't seem normal, so I took my dog by the collar and walked out the upstairs door in my socks in the rain, on the opposite side of the house. I called out loudly. A tall, blond young man walked around the house towards me, from the downstairs door. He introduced himself, flashing a badge he wore around his neck. He said he was from APX doing some advertising in my area. I stopped him there, said "What are you selling?" He said "I'm not selling anything." I said "I am not the householder. The householder is not here. I do not make decisions for this household. You'll have to come back." He began rapid-fire and repeated questions like "Are you here alone? Do you live here alone?" I stopped him again, held my hand in front of me in a back off gesture. My normally gentle dog during this time was lunging against my hold on his collar, hackled-up and barking gruffly. The man said "Well if you're the wife, obviously you have some control of what goes on around here." By this time, I had a very bad feeling about the man, in fact not believing that he was a salesman but was perhaps checking out the house for potential robbery. His behavior, posture, attitude and questions were far beyond what I would describe as "high pressure sales" or even "aggressive sales technique". I am a very confident and competent person, but he scared me. I said, "I'm not the wife, dude!" and ran into the house. He ran down the steps. I sent my boyfriend, out of town at the time, a message that I thought that his house had just been cased. About half an hour later I went downstairs, and saw that our door was unlocked and left wide open. I had left it shut and locked. I always keep it shut and locked, both because I am very careful with protecting my boyfriend's home, but also so that my dog won't get out and into the highway right in front of the house. I couldn't imagine why a salesperson would need to break into this house in broad daylight. Only after reading in the newspaper (by chance) today that APX is a security company did this begin to make more sense. Every person who I have told this to has said I should have called the police. But I know I should have but didn't because I was scared, because I didn't want the man to retaliate, and because I hesitate to call police except when I can't handle something myself. But I can't help wondering how differently things would have turned out if I'd confronted him inside my home.

    I am not the sort of person who thinks door to door sales is trespassing. I know how to politely deal with salespeople, and have worked in sales positions many times. But this was something else.

  5. That's the reason why we have to test first our security systems to make sure that it really works.