Monday, May 17, 2010

European Americans United Launches Campaign To Get Mexican Supremacist Teacher Ron Gochez Fired From Teaching Job In Los Angeles

In this previous post, I introduced you to the case of Mexican supremacist Ron Gochez, who is a social studies teacher at Santee High School in Los Angeles. In 2007, during his off-duty time, he gave a speech at UCLA urging Mexicans in the United States to revolt against the government. The video of the speech recently surfaced on YouTube and went viral, triggering outrage nationwide.

One group decided to take action. European Americans United (EAU), a political advocacy group for Whites modeled along the same lines as the NAACP for Blacks, the National Council of La Raza for Latinos, and the Alaska Federation of Natives for Alaska Natives, decided to write a letter to Gochez' superiors explaining the problem and demanding his termination from a job paid for by taxpayers. They received a boilerplate reply in return. Both their letter and the reply are posted on EAU's Western Voices World News website, and are cross-posted below (after the jump):

European Americans United letter to the Los Angeles United School District:

Los Angeles Board of Education:
Tel: 213-241-6389

Dear Sir;

The remarks uttered by Ronald Gochez in the enclosed video (HERE) is a perfect depiction of the true malevolence and the ultimate goals which lie in the hearts of a majority of so-called 'La Raza.'

We therefore would like to "thank" Mr. Gochez, and by extension yourself Mr. Zimmer, for his venomous public candor. While his regressive mental facilities appear not to be those of an adult who values his career, the fact that you allow this bigot to 'teach' anything at all speaks volumes about you and the LAUSD.

Rest assured we will do all we can to expose this video to the public in order to have Mr. Gochez fired from his position immediately. Should anything detrimental occur to one of our people as result of Mr. Gochez's speech, we will hold you directly responsible and react accordingly.

Moreover, we would like to remind you and your vicious ani-white colleagues that while not all European Americans are allegedly "racist" (whatever that's supposed to mean) the vast majority are also not as "frail" as he believes.

Not by any stretch, Mr. Zimmer. Remember that.


Drago Rendl
Frank Roman
John Young
Board of Directors, European Americans United

LAUSD reply:

This response is being sent to you as a result of your recent comments to the Los Angeles Unified school District.

Thank you for your comments regarding the personal activities of one our teachers. Let me assure you that we have reviewed the videotape extensively for any violations of District policy and we have come to the following conclusions:

-- The videotape was made at a public meeting that took place three years ago.

-- The teacher was apparently exercising his right to freedom of speech provided to him as a guarantee under the Constitution of the United States of America.

-- The activity took place at a non LAUSD site (UCLA).

-- Given that the video is three years old we have no way of determining whether the student referred to in the video was an actual student or former student of the teacher.

-- The teacher in question was participating on his personal time and the views he expressed during the gathering were his own and do not represent the opinions and views of the District.

-- There appears to be no direct violation of District policy.

Additionally, the teacher’s rights for political activity are protected under our bargaining agreement with the United Teachers of Los Angeles (UTLA; please see below):



1.0 Pursuant to applicable Federal and State laws, the District and UTLA agree not to discriminate against any employee based upon race, color, religion, creed, national origin, gender, age, marital status, sexual orientation, disability, or political or UTLA affiliation, and to have due regard for employees' privacy and constitutional rights as citizens.

Consequently it has been determined by our legal department that any punitive actions taken against this teacher for conducting his personal activities on his own time and under the given circumstances would be a violation of his Constitutional rights and our bargaining agreement.

As to the issue of the lessons taught in the classroom by this teacher, Mr. Gochez, like many LAUSD teachers, is required to submit a lesson plan to his principal in advance and his course work is consistently monitored to ensure that he adheres his proposed lesson plan.

We thank you for your concern and comments on this matter and assure you that we will continue to monitor this situation closely to ensure that District policies are maintained and adhered to by all District staff.

Please do not reply to this email as this email box is not set up to accept replies.

All well and good, but one must wonder how LAUSD would have reacted if one of their White teachers had been found participating in the April 17th National Socialist Movement rally in Los Angeles, a legally-permitted gathering where they were merely protesting against illegal immigration, and weren't advocating that Whites revolt against the U.S. government. I suspect that after local Latino activists pitched a fit, LAUSD would have found an excuse to cave in and fire the White teacher. It does no good to have a written policy applicable to all if it is not enforced equally across the board.

European Americans United defines itself as a group of persons of European ancestry from every walk of life; scientists, mechanics, farmers, lawyers, engineers and full-time parents, who are united in the pursuit of European-American interests including freedom, genetic continuity, social justice, economic nationalism and environmental protection and who promote positive change. Just as importantly, European Americans United is NOT a "national socialist," "fascist," "white supremacist," "racist" or "hate" group. The Anti-Defamation League has slandered and defamed them by describing them as a continuation of some other group. This is a vicious lie which they categorically and vehemently deny. Like the NAACP and similar ethnic advocacy organizations, EAU speaks out for the ethnic interests of a particular demographic; their methods and aims are legal and peaceful.

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