Thursday, May 06, 2010

Alaska Democrats Begging For Somebody, Anybody To Go Up Against Republican Senator Lisa Murkowski; Frank Vondersaar Not Their Cup Of Tea

Alaska Democrats are quite literally begging for somebody, anybody who has more than a room temperature political I.Q. to challenge incumbent Republican U.S. Senator Lisa Murkowski this year. Deborah Williams, the executive director of the state party, hints that a "name" candidate may surface at the Democratic convention to be held May 7-9 in Sitka.

Of course, there's a Democrat already officially in the race in the person of one Frank Vondersaar (pictured at left). However, Vondersaar is a perennial candidate whose main claim to fame is that he's "anti-fascist". Alaska Democrats know that whoever goes up against Murkowski will be a kamikaze candidate, basically cannon fodder, but they hope for someone who'll at least swing at a couple of pitches and perhaps even foul a couple off like Harry Crawford is doing against Don Young, and not just stand there with the bat on the shoulder. In other words, they want someone who can lose respectably and not get skunked.

Williams said today she’s pretty sure another Democrat will enter the race. Williams declined to talk about who that could be but said it's possible someone might announce their candidacy during the convention. I still say their best bet is to convince one of those three Democrats running for Governor to divert to the Senate race. Ethan Berkowitz wouldn't do it, but Bob Poe and Hollis French might consider diverting. Poe could actually put up a serviceable fight against Murkowski. Another available possibility may be 2002 gubernatorial candidate Fran Ulmer. Dangerously available is Sheila Selkregg, but that's a wild card (she'd get thumped).

Or perhaps the Democrats might even drag Tony Knowles out of cold storage one last time.

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