Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Southern Poverty Law Center Publishes "Hit List" Of American Patriots, Includes Former Presidential Candidates Ron Paul And Chuck Baldwin

Any doubts that the Southern Poverty Law Center has been transformed into a political weapon against all conservatives in general should cease now that they have published a "hit list" targeting leading American patriots. The list, which I first spotted on Stormfront, includes former Presidential candidates Ron Paul and Chuck Baldwin, and two serving members of Congress. One Alaskan, Norm Olson, who lives on the Kenai Peninsula and who runs the Alaska Citizens Militia, is also on the list, but primarily because of his past activities with the Michigan Militia.

The SPLC list, entitled "Meet The Patriots", is available in full HERE. The full version contains a short bio on each person, and can take time to scroll through. So for the sake of convenience, Chuck Baldwin simply re-published the names HERE.

Being that the SPLC is one of the most ultra-liberal organizations in the country, it should ordinarily be dismissed out of hand as a group of paranoid leftists, not worthy of thought or mention. Unfortunately, the Federal government and many media outlets have chosen to exalt the SPLC to the position of being an authoritative source for information regarding "potential domestic terrorists" and similar characterizations. As a result, the information and reports disseminated by SPLC wind up in police reports and bulletins all over the United States, and SPLC propaganda contaminates the pages of many of our newspapers.

But Chuck Baldwin points to a more sinister trend. Twentieth-century dictatorships have followed a classical pattern of five steps when targeting citizens they deem undesirable for elimination from society. Step 1 - Identification/registration of the targeted group as a public menace; Step 2 - Ostracism of the targeted persons; Step 3 - property confiscation; Step 4 - Concentration of members into geographical locations; and Step 5: Annihilation. In Baldwin's opinion, the SPLC is enthusiastically pursuing Steps 1 and 2.

Now here's the list. The more prominent names have been highlighted:

1. Chuck Baldwin, Pastor, Radio Broadcaster, Syndicated Columnist, 2008 Constitution Party Presidential nominee.
2. Joe Banister, former IRS special agent, tax protester.
3. Martin "Red" Beckman, tax protester
4. Catherine Bleish, head of the Liberty Restoration Project.
5. Chris Broughton, Second Amendment advocate, member of "We The People" group.
6. Bob Campbell, head of American Grand Jury.
7. Robert Crooks, Army veteran, retired commercial fisherman, anti-illegal immigration proponent.
8. Joseph Farah, CEO of World Net Daily
9. Gary Franchi, producer of "Camp FEMA: American Lockdown," national director of
10. Al Garza, head of the Patriot's Coalition, an anti-illegal immigration group.
11. Ted Gunderson, retired FBI agent.
12. John Hassey, "The public face of Alabama's militia movement in the late 1990s," says SPLC.
13. Alex Jones, Radio Talk Show host.
14. Devvy Kidd, "prolific columnist, blogger, and public speaker."
15. Larry Kilgore, telecommunications consultant, former US Senate candidate from Texas, pro-secession advocate.
16. Cliff Kincaid, syndicated columnist and author, editor of AIM Report (Accuracy in Media's publication), founder and president of America's Survival, Inc., a UN watchdog group.
17. Mark Koernke, associated with the now-defunct Michigan Militia.
18. Richard Mack, former Graham County, Arizona, Sheriff, author, and public speaker.
19. Jack McLamb, former Phoenix, Arizona, police officer, author, and public speaker.
20. John McManus, former member of the US Marine Corps, president of the John Birch Society.
21. Daniel New, father of Michael New (the Army medic who refused to wear a UN uniform), author, public speaker.
22. Norm Olson, founder of the now-defunct Michigan Militia.
23. Larry Pratt, executive director of Gun Owners of America.
24. Stewart Rhodes, Army veteran and Yale Law School graduate, founder of Oath Keepers.
25. Jon Roland, computer specialist, founder of the Constitution Society.
26. Luke Rudkowski, founder We Are Change.
27. Robert "Bob" Schultz, founder of We The People.
28. Joel Skousen, editor, World Affairs Brief.
29. Jim Stachowiak, Radio Talk Show host, "Longtime militia organizer," claims SPLC.
30. John Stadtmiller, founder, Republic Broadcasting Network.
31. Orly Taitz, California attorney, a leader in the push to make President Obama disclose his US birth certificate.
32. Amanda Teegarden, executive director of Oklahomans for Sovereignty and Free Enterprise.
33. Mike Vanderboegh, anti-Obama health care activist.
34. Paul Venable, former candidate for the Idaho House of Representatives.
35. Edwin Vieira, Jr., attorney, author, proponent of constitutional State militias, lecturer.
36. Michele Bachmann, US Representative from Minnesota.
37. Glenn Beck, Fox News Channel TV host.
38. Paul Broun, medical doctor, US Representative from Georgia.
39. Andrew Napolitano, attorney, former State judge in New Jersey, Fox News Channel legal analyist, lecturer.
40. Ron Paul, former member of the US Air Force, medical doctor, US Representative from Texas, 2008 Republican candidate for President.

I wonder how many signers of the Declaration of Independence would make their list?

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