Sunday, April 04, 2010

Alaska Lt. Gov. Candidate Eddie Burke Courageously Calls Out The Socialists On The Anchorage Assembly For Overspending In November 2009

Since I heard that the infamous group of progressive gutter bloggers who waged a one-year character assassination campaign against former Governor Sarah Palin were planning to launch a similar campaign against one of the Republican candidates for Lieutenant Governor, Eddie Burke, I decided to do some snooping. And on Diva's Blue Oasis, I found a video which shows Burke testifying before the Anchorage Assembly on November 3rd, 2009.

Of course, the Celtic Diva posted it on there in concert with other material designed to smear Eddie Burke; it included a hit piece by KTVA Channel 11 along with other uncomplimentary information designed to wrongfully portray Burke as a "racist, homophobic, hotheaded bigot". But including the Assembly video backfired, for it actually shows how Eddie Burke courageously confronts socialists and others who think the Anchorage taxpayer is nothing more than an ATM which can be casually raided at will. Burke is specifically confronting the Anchorage Assembly over the overspending that mandated the budget cuts by Mayor Dan Sullivan, and he calls out the "Socialist Six" by name (Drummond, Flynn, Claman, Gutierrez, Gray-Jackson, Selkregg).

This is exactly who we need representing us. Eddie Burke does NOT mince words and does NOT pull his punches. He cuts through the flowery politically-correct B.S. and gets to the heart of the matter. Regardless of whether we re-elect Sean Parnell or replace him with one of the other leading Republicans, Ralph Samuels or Bill Walker, Eddie Burke would be an essential member of that team as lieutenant governor. He would be willing to say or do what the governor could not. It's sort of like the role of an XO aboard a U.S. Navy warship; the XO is supposed to be the "bad guy" so the CO can remain the "good guy". Find out more about his values and platform on his official campaign website or his Facebook page.

Burke's going to need all the help he can get. Not only is there a dedicated Facebook page developed by those who want to smear Eddie Burke, but his only other Republican opponent at present, Jay Ramras, has a reported campaign war chest of $160,000. So he'll be catching it from both sides.

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