Saturday, March 20, 2010

Rebutting Anchorage Assemblywoman Sheila Selkregg's Ridiculous "Soda Tax"; WPIX's Larry Mendte Weighs In

Update March 24th: Anchorage Assembly voted on March 23rd NOT to introduce Selkregg's soda tax; soda tax now dead!

To provide the information necessary to shoot down Anchorage Assemblywoman Sheila Selkregg's ridiculous soda tax, designated AO 2010-29 and discussed in this previous post, I found a video done by WPIX blogger Larry Mendte, who opines about soda taxes HERE. Mendte writes:

Politicians love these "cause" taxes because if gives them cover. The given reason for the soda tax is that it would keep parents from buying soda or other sweet drinks for their children. And in the next breath the politicians all say how much money the tax would raise to cut their deficits. Well, wait, if it really cuts back consumption then how is it going to make that much money.

They know it won't. It is just a new way to tax.

Video below:

WPIX Channel 11 is in New York City. Imagine that; even New Yorkers are smart enough to reject soda taxes.

What makes it worse is that Sheila Selkregg is one of the most obnoxious, sanctimonious, and arrogant snobs in the state of Alaska. She's a typical uppity university professor who looks down her snoot at all of us "unwashed peasants". One UAA student posting a comment to the Anchorage Daily News story says she's the worst professor on his class load. The vast majority of commenters oppose the proposed tax. Even liberal Assemblyman Patrick Flynn wants nothing to do with it, since Selkregg was even stupid enough to include bottled water in her proposed tax.

And after April 6th, we'll have nothing to do with her any more. She chose not to run for re-election, and will retreat back to her musty ivory tower of academia at the University of Alaska-Anchorage. It is a miracle that Selkregg's daughter, Anchorage Daily News reporter Julia O'Malley, has grown up to be such a tolerant, well-informed and classy young lady, even if she does tack a bit to the left politically.

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