Sunday, March 21, 2010

Charges That Tea Party Activists Called Congressional Black Caucus Members "Niggers" And Barney Frank A "Faggot" Not Substantiated

The sensation-mongering Fox News Channel reports on March 21st, 2010 that members of the Congressional Black Caucus were called "niggers" and other slurs as they walked from the House office buildings to the Capitol to make a procedural vote.

Reps. John Lewis (D-GA) and Andre Carson (D-IN), both members of the Congressional Black Caucus, claimed that a group of Tea Party protesters hollered at them and called them the N-word. "They were just shouting. Harassing," Lewis told Fox News. "People being downright mean." A protestor also allegedly spit on Rep. Emanuel Cleaver. But black lawmakers weren't the only targets of the protesters' invective; Rep. Joe Crowley (D-NY) alleges some of the demonstrators also castigated Rep. Barney Frank (Q-MA), who is openly gay, calling him a "faggot". A reporter from Politico claims to have overheard someone use the word "faggot".

However, there has been no independent substantiation of these charges. The following video seems to rebut the charges, as during the segment, no racial slurs can be heard:

However, the lack of substantiation did not stop the Republicans' Stepin Fetchit front man, Michael Steele, from assuming the worst. Steele, the Republican Party National Chairman, appeared on NBC's Meet the Press and strongly condemned the racial slurs, although he rejected the notion that the incident may make any association with the Tea Party Movement a danger. But worse yet, Amy Kremer, the grassroots coordinator of the Tea Party Express, said "It's disgraceful and the people in this movement won't tolerate it because that's not what we're about", although she conceded that she thinks it's isolated.

Never did it occur to these two people that maybe the whole story is bogus. Somebody could have fed bad information to Fox News, the black lawmakers may have imagined the slurs, or progressives may have infiltrated agents provocateur into the Tea Party ranks to yell the slurs and make the group look bad. Progressives have waged a nonstop campaign to defame and smear the Tea Party, equivocating them to "neo-Nazis" and "Klansmen". But defamation and smears are the coins of the realm for progressives; we have seen here in Alaska how progressives waged a one-year character assassination campaign against Sarah Palin, even stooping so low as to make up divorce stories about the Palins. So why would progressives in other places act any differently? makes the case that progressives fed bad stories to the media, and the media lapped it up like dogs. Because Fox News jumped on this story without verification, they can now be considered just as much an enemy as MSNBC.

On Sunday, a number of Republican lawmakers opposed to Obamacare came out to address the Tea party activists, and got a more favorable reception. First, Rep. Buck McKeon (Calif.) came out onto the balcony, pumping his fist in the air and holding a sign that said "KILL." After him came Rep. Rob Bishop (Utah) with a "THE" sign and Rep. Mike Turner (Ohio) with "BILL." The crowd went wild. Next came Reps. Mary Fallin (Okla.), Geoff Davis (Ky.) and Bill Posey (Fla.) holding the "Don't Tread on Me" flag. Rep. Pete Sessions (Tex.), head of the House Republicans' 2010 campaign committee, came out with hand-lettered signs spelling K-I-L-L T-H-E B-I-L-L. Sessions, holding two L's himself, was joined on the balcony by Reps. Steve King (Iowa), Greg Walden (Ore.), Jeff Flake (Ariz.), Jeanne Schmidt (Ohio), Dan Lungren (Calif.) and many more. Rep. Jeff Miller (Fla.) dangled an American flag from the balcony and waved it back and forth.

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