Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Alaska STAR $500,000 Lucky Times Lotto Pushed Back Once Again Until March 31st; $150,000 Worth Of Tickets Remain To Be Sold

Update June 11th: Drawing to be held June 15th, payout reduced to $350,000. Updated post HERE.

Update May 3rd: Spoke with ticket sales clerk, who said lotto drawing now pushed forward to May 31st. The operator will continue to push the lotto drawing forward each month until all tickets are sold, or the drop-dead suspense of December 31st, 2010 is reached.

Note: All posts on this particular lotto drawing available HERE, with the most recent post displayed first.

Apparently, the recession has really caught up to Alaska this year, according to Alaska Lucky Times Lotto organizer Abe Spicola, who cited it as a reason why the anticipated February 28th drawing at Rumrunners in Anchorage was cancelled. KTUU Channel 2 reports on March 2nd, 2010 that Spicola has pushed back the drawing until March 31st, so ticket sales will resume shortly. KTUU news video embedded below:

Spicola said that vendors still have $150,000 worth of tickets to sell, so it could even be pushed back a third time. "When we first started this off, the lotto off, our ticket sales were through the roof basically. This year, I really, truly believe Alaska finally caught up with the recession," said Spicola, who operates Lucky Times Pull Tabs. So basically, he thought that since tickets for the 2009 Lotto sold like hotcakes, they would sell just as fast this year. This didn't happen, and he blames the recession.

But Spicola also blames a "sound-alike" smaller lotto run by Tudor Road Bingo for confusing ticket buyers, saying that many believe it's the same jackpot. But Tudor Road Bingo operator Jack Powers debunks that notion, saying he knows a little something about marketing a lottery on his own and wants nothing to do with the other lottery. There is bad blood between the two operators.

The proposed nonprofit beneficiary of the Lotto, Standing Together Against Rape (STAR), is not giving up on Spicola. "Please be patient with us, we are working to sell enough tickets to pay that draw and it'll happen we are just asking that people be patient with us," said Ginger George-Smith with STAR.

Pushing the date back once was understandable - miscalculations can happen. But pushing it back a second time makes Spicola look weak. Part of the problem is abysmal advertising and publicity. He never published a complete list of outlets where tickets can be bought. He also could use better locations to sell tickets; if he had kiosks at the Dimond Center and the 5th Ave Mall, they would already have met their sales goals.

Of course, he would probably have to supply bulletproof vests to get anyone to work in a Dimond Mall kiosk.

I don't think Abe Spicola is a scam artist. He's built up too much of a reputation in this town to throw it all away - and involve a nonprofit charity as well. This guy just simply lacks a bit of business sense. If he pushes this back a third time, though, his credibility in this community could be irreparably damaged.


  1. I've been praying and hoping that I can win:) Please Dear Lord answer my prayers:) I would be the happiest person in Alaska..I would get my 3 beautiful girls what they need and this baby in my tummy some stuff too..I've been praying that I have a boy too..AMEN..ptmorry

  2. Big unanswered question: Was the drawing held on March 31st, and if so, why not put it in the paper, on tv, and radio so that everyone knows there was indeed a winner? If it is indeed a legitimate organization, why not let people know when the drawing was, at least what city the winner came from - that way the "Lotto" doesn't come across as a SCAM and more people might be willing to buy tickets in future Lottos. We have heard nothing about the drawing or any winners - makes us wonder, and we are sure it makes the government wonder too - where did all of the money go?

  3. Mary in E.R.4/09/2010 11:13 AM

    Can anyone...will anyone answer that question? Has there been a drawing or not?!

  4. Spicola probably took the money and left for Thailand.

  5. The Drawing was postponed again until the end of April...of which is NOW!! So we shall see what happens at this point.

  6. just call the number on the back of your ticket........the new drawing will be December 31 2010 at 11:59 pm

  7. I threw away our copies of the lottery tickets thinking that someone already won since we have not heard from anyone that our name was drawn as a winner. What happens now if my name will be drawn as a winner and I don't have the ticket?

  8. The drawing will be held when enough tickets are sold. Currently they are shooting for May 31st.
    I look at it this way since the drawing hasn't been held yet I (and you if you bought a ticket) still have a chance to win. The money is going to a good cause. Changing the pay out would cost the STAR charity. Just be patient.

  9. I don't know gaming laws but I have to wonder if Lucky Times is drawing intrest on the sales of tickets already sold.
    If Lucky Times wants to ever hold another lotto maybe it should just take the loss, hold the drawing and pay out.
    I doubt after this that anyone will enter another lotto from Lucky Times.

  10. there was a winner,what a lucky person, thanks to lucky time lotto and all the people that invested in a lotto ticket,

  11. I had faith in the spicola no doubt in my mind they would come through with the lotto drawing, good lucky luckytime ,in the future

  12. I bet you fill like shit now for doubting , that this lotto wouldn't happen, proud of that young couple for having the guts to pull off the third lotto in there favor, thank for helping s.t.a.r.