Thursday, February 18, 2010

Good Riddance! Two-Time Murderer Joshua Wade Sentenced To 99 Years In Prison In Anchorage, Alaska After Copping Plea To Avoid Death Penalty

The case of stone killer Joshua Wade has been like a running sore that's refused to dry up - until February 17th, 2010, when justice was finally served. At least 99 percent served.

He deserved death. But he didn't get it because on February 13th, after years of gaming the system for an acquittal, he suddenly agreed to plead guilty to the murders of Della Brown and Mindy Schloss. Because he suckered a jury into acquitting him of murder in the first Della Brown trial in 2003, he obviously thought he could get away with it again. But a determined Federal prosecution sunk its teeth into him and wouldn't let go; acknowledging defeat, Wade finally did let go.

A direct link to a KTUU interview with Joshua Wade's father, Greg "Bubba" Wade, is available HERE. A separate KTUU news video about Joshua Wade's sentencing is embedded below:

On February 17th, Wade first appeared in state court, where District Judge Philip Volland sentenced him to 99 years for the murder of Mindy Schloss. By itself, this would have meant he would not have been eligible for parole until he is 95 years old (he's currently 29), or two-thirds of the way through his sentence. Afterwards he was transported to Federal court, where U.S. District Court Judge Ralph Beistline sentenced him to life in prison for the carjacking associated with the murder of Mindy Schloss in association with a carjacking (he could not be specifically tried again for the murder of Della Brown because he was previously acquitted of that crime). The combined effect of the two sentences ensures he will die in prison. The reason the Feds got involved: Alaska has no death penalty, so in hopes that Joshua Wade would be put to death for his crimes, state prosecutors took Wade to Federal court, where the law allows the death penalty. Read the complete sentencing memorandum HERE.

Note that for the second year in a row, Alaska House Speaker Mike Chenault (R-Nikiski) has introduced a bill, HB 9, which would restore the death penalty in Alaska. He's also introduced HJR 30, specifically urging the death penalty for Joshua Wade.

The Anchorage Daily News provides a short but concise timeline of Joshua Wade's criminal career. In September 2000, Wade was charged with the murder of Della Brown in Spenard. Wade found Brown passed-out drunk in a shed, robbed and raped her, then fatally bashed her head in with a rock. In 2003, a jury found Wade not guilty of murder but he got a 6 1/2-year sentence for evidence tampering; he was paroled in December 2006. Recently, Anchorage Daily News reporter Julia O'Malley contacted members of that jury; three of them spoke with her under conditions of anonymity and said they acquitted Wade of murder because although they felt Wade wasn't innocent, there wasn't enough evidence to prove it beyond a reasonable doubt. They also claimed that the prosecution's arguments were confusing and that presentation was sloppy, while the defense's arguments seemed clear and raised lots of doubts.

On August 4th, 2007, Wade sneaked into Schloss' house in the middle of the night, initially intending just to burglarize the place. But then he kidnapped her and drove her to the Matanuska Valley in her own car before executing her. He later stole $1,000 from her bank account. After Wade was tracked down and arrested for this crime, state prosecutors took it to the Feds, and in April 2008, Federal prosecutors charged Wade with Schloss' death.

A portal to all ADN stories about the Joshua Wade case through the years is available HERE.

Family members and friends of the victims spoke about their losses during both court proceedings. Robert Conway, Schloss' longtime boyfriend, said he crawled through dumpsters, combed Cook Inlet beaches, and walked the railways trying to find his girlfriend's body after she vanished. Her body was found six weeks later in Wasilla. It had been partially burned. Brown's mother, Daisy Piggott, didn't initially speak but wore a white T-shirt with a photo of her daughter printed on it; later, she gave KTUU an interview, directly accessible HERE. Brown's son, Robert, said simply, "I'm glad it's over. I'm glad it's done."

Also present in the courtroom was former political candidate and Alaska Native activist Diane Benson, who was among the Alaska Native Sisterhood, who made it a point to stand beside Della Brown's family during the entire court proceedings. Della Brown was Alaska Native, so you can tell Benson was putting her race first.


  1. I may not be a Diane Benson fan but you really shouldn't be commenting on a person putting their race first. It's actually pretty funny if you ask me.
    Especially when you defend other whites, although I heard you weren't actually white yourself, when they are caught with child porn and murder their wives.
    Usually saying they were "set-up" for the porn or the odd.

  2. Josh is not as bad as the media makes him out to be. There are extenating circumstances I wish people would be interested in hearing.

  3. i just saw a tv show about him.. how he murdered those women.. how could he possible be "not as bad as the media makes him out to be" the proof is in the pudding and he is exactly where he deserves to be

  4. LilredWriting, there are no extenuating circumstances that would account for the two brutal murders Wade confessed to. I am not interested in his childhood, schooling, relationships or anything else but ensuring he never gets out of prison. Mindy was very close to me--my cousin. Wade brutally murdered her and Della and nothing can bring them back. I hope he is rotting in prison and suffers every day for the rest of his life for what he has done.

  5. keepontruckin, I completely agree with your statement, I didn't know Della Brown or Mindy Schloss but I feel the same about "who cares what his problems were. He does not deserve to be on this earth and I pray the laws AK is trying to pass happens. I grew up in the trailer park where Della Brown was found and this really hit home. My heart goes out to you and your family for having to endure such a painful loss.

  6. He is a person just like anybody else. He just was misled in life, made some mistakes that Any one person is capable of. Yeah he caused alotta pain, cant argue that. I just think you people shouldn't think of him as wholly evil, just because you led better lives and cant imagine the circumstances that bred chaos.

  7. I dont understand people can feel sympathy for a coward ,not a man who could do what he did to defenseless women.c mon both was either sleeping or un conscience when attacked not to mention that he would not dared to attack a man under the same situation

  8. The person feels this evil human being deserves our sympathy well maybe if had killed your love ones u would feel different.... Then probably not because u r an idot!!!!!!

  9. I can't believe what became of Josh..He was my first love at age 13..he was sooo cute..and talented..I even named my son Joshua .. it's to bad what became of him..I would have never thought he would turn out like that.

  10. He was my idol i used to bum him beforw he bummed those women