Sunday, February 21, 2010

Alaska Congressman Don Young Appears On KTVA Channel 11's "View From The Hill"; Lambasts Climate Change As Biggest Scam Since Teapot Dome

The Anchorage Daily News Alaska Politics blog reports that Alaska Congressman Don Young was recently interviewed by Matthew Felling on KTVA Channel 11's "View From The Hill". The interview got some national attention after the Drudge Report linked to it.

The interview is split into two parts. In the first part, Congressman Young discusses his legal situation, his seniority status, and the great divide that characterizes American politics today. Congressman Young expects to get a leadership position after the November 2010 election, if he is re-elected. He believes the problems with Congress are not infrastructural, but are driven by the constant pressures of talking heads and special interest groups. In his opinion, many members of Congress are more interested in party politics than in lawmaking. The distractions are allowing the Executive Branch to usurp the legislative function, to the point that the executive legislates through imposition of regulatory law. Congressman Young also cites as a problem the fact that so many members of Congress come from big cities, where they have no concept of what rural life is like. He says California's Congress members are "a bunch of dodos" who are wrecking their state. Part 1 video embedded below (after the jump):

Part 1:

In Part 2, Don Young reveals himself to be a Tea Party supporter in principle. However, he stressed the need for people in general, and Alaskans in particular, to start taking more financial responsibility for their actions. In his opinion, we have become spoiled by the oil boom. Congressman Young also spoke at length about the health care bill, attributing its failure to its humongous size (2,700 pages, would establish 110 new regulatory agencies). He cites the four critical attributes of health care as tort reform, acceptance of pre-existing conditions, portability across state lines, and more pool coverage. Congressman Young would solve Alaska's doctor shortage problem by paying the tuition of an Alaska medical student in exchange for the student agreeing to practice in Alaska afterward.

Congressman Young also criticized Obama's stimulus packages, saying they created an insufficient number of new jobs which generate additional wealth. Too many of the jobs are non-productive government jobs which do not create additional wealth. But Congressman Young reserved his money shot for global warming, saying that climate change is the biggest scam since Teapot Dome. He states that he knows as many scientists who oppose global warming theoology as those who support it, but the supporters get preferential media access and publicity. As for Shishmaref, Congressman Young reminds us that it is a barrier island where a village should never have been built in the first place. Barrier islands are for protection of coastland, not for permanent habitation.

Part 2:

Don Young is being challenged within the Republican Party by Andrew Halcro, a fiscal conservative and a social liberal, and by Sheldon Fisher, who is both fiscally and socially conservative. The Democrats are serving up Harry Crawford (D), while Thomas Higgins is running as an independent.

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