Friday, January 29, 2010

Public Policy Polling Shows Alaskans Approve Of Sean Parnell, Split On Sarah Palin, And Disapprove Of Mark Begich In January 2010 Poll

Update February 8th: This poll had a separate part in which the results were released separately. It also asked Alaskans about their attitude towards the Congressional races. Updated post HERE.

Hat tip to Thomas Lamb for this story. Public Policy Polling decided to take the political temperature of 710 Alaskans from January 27-28, and found the public was warm for Governor Sean Parnell, tepid for ex-Governor Sarah Palin, and cool for Senator Mark Begich. You can read the complete six-page breakdown HERE; highlights presented below:

(1). Sean Parnell: Predominant approval. 58 of respondents approve of the job he’s doing vs. only 19 percent who disapprove. Approval crosses party lines as well; while 66 percent of Republicans approve, 51 percent of Democrats also approve. Of interest is the high percentage of those who are Not Sure, 23 percent; this may reflect Parnell's plain vanilla personality. Parnell is clearly competent, moreso than Palin, but simply doesn't light people's fire.

(2). Sarah Palin: A near-even split. 47 percent of respondents have a favorable opinion of her vs. 45 percent unfavorable. A major party split was evident as 78 percent of Republicans approve of her, while only 24 percent of Democrats gave her a thumbs up.

(3). Mark Begich: Predominant disapproval. Only 35 percent of respondents approve of Begich's performance, while 51 percent disapprove. But there's a sharp divide across party lines; while 73 percent of Republicans disapprove of him, only 20 percent of Democrats disapprove. Independents also lean towards disapproval, which further fuels speculation that it was primarily the Ted Stevens trial that put Begich over the top in the November 2008 election, and that he'll likely be a one-term Senator.

Mudflats sounds off about this from the progressive left. Notwithstanding, she makes an interesting, and perhaps valid point: If Sean Parnell enlists Sarah Palin to campaign for him, it could prove to be a double-edged sword, since opposition to Palin from the right, although not widespread, exists and is articulated by some intelligent and persuasive pundits like Dan Fagan and Paul Jenkins.

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