Monday, January 11, 2010

Fox News Channel "Going Rogue"; Sarah Palin To Become A Regular Contributor

In a completely unexpected development, the Fox News Channel has announced that they will add Sarah Palin to their lineup of personalities. Alaska media stories published by the Anchorage Daily News and the Fairbanks Daily News-Miner; other stories published by CNN, Marketwatch, Conservatives4Palin and a negative reaction in the Washington Post as well as more unfavorable reaction by the snooty PBS diva Bonnie "To The Contrary" Erbe on U.S. News & World Report.

Although Sarah Palin will not get her own dedicated show a la Sean Hannity or Greta Van Susteren, she will be providing political commentary and analysis on a number of different Fox News Channel shows. Palin is reportedly thrilled to be joining the network, and considers it wonderful to be part of a place that, in her perspective, values fair and balanced news. Fox didn't disclose how much the multiyear deal is worth.

The full press release, posted by MediaBistro, is cross-posted below:


Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin has signed a multi-year deal with FOX News to serve as a contributor across all FOX News platforms, announced Bill Shine, Executive Vice President of Programming.

In making the announcement, Shine said, "Governor Palin has captivated everyone on both sides of the political spectrum and we are excited to add her dynamic voice to the FOX News lineup." As a contributor, Palin will provide political commentary and analysis for FOX News Channel (FNC), FOX Business Network (FBN),, and FOX News-produced special event political programming for FOX Broadcasting.

In addition, she will host periodic episodes of FNC's "Real American Stories," a series exploring inspirational real-life tales of overcoming adversity throughout the American landscape that will debut in 2010.

Palin added, "I am thrilled to be joining the great talent and management team at FOX News. It's wonderful to be part of a place that so values fair and balanced news."

Governor Palin is the author of the current number one New York Times bestseller, Going Rogue: An American Life. Her book tour to over 30 cities attracted thousands of people and extensive media coverage.

Palin was the first woman to serve as Governor of Alaska. She was sworn in as the 11th governor of the state in 2006 and worked on improving resource development, education, health and transportation and infrastructure development. In August 2008, then Republican Presidential Nominee Senator John McCain selected Governor Palin to run as his Vice Presidential candidate. Prior to holding the office of Governor, Palin served two terms on the Wasilla City Council in Alaska as well as two terms as the mayor and manager of Wasilla, and worked as an oil and gas industry regulator.

FOX News Channel (FNC) is a 24-hour general news service covering breaking news as well as political, entertainment and business news. For eight years, FNC has been the most-watched cable news channel in the country, presenting the top thirteen programs in cable news. Owned by News Corp., FNC is available in more than 90 million homes.

The move by Fox is designed primarily to enhance their competitive position, since Palin will join a lineup already studded with noteworthy conservative pundits like Mike Huckabee, Bill O'Reilly, and Sean Hannity. It will also give Palin the necessary continuing public visibility should she decide to run for President in her own right in 2012. One advantage Palin brings to the Fox lineup is, unlike the other personalities, she's not perceived as an insider, but is representative of what the elite left refers to as "flyover America"; that is, the part of America which still cherishes God, guns, and grandmas, and looks upon the American flag as more than just an article of clothing.

For someone who has been targeted with such strong and systemic vilification as Sarah Palin, she sure has landed on her feet. Between the "Going Rogue" book revenues and the expected compensation from her Fox News appearances, the Palin family will know where their next meals are coming from for the foreseeable future. In contrast, had Palin not resigned as Governor, she would be crippled with endless ethics complaints and mounting legal debt. Sarah Palin may be a lot smarter than her detractors think.

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