Tuesday, January 05, 2010

$500,000 Alaska Lucky Times Lotto Drawing To Benefit Standing Together Against Rape (STAR) Delayed Until February 28th, 2010

Update June 11th: Drawing to be held June 15th, payout reduced to $350,000. Updated post HERE.

Update May 3rd: Spoke with ticket sales clerk, who said lotto drawing now pushed forward to May 31st. The operator will continue to push the lotto drawing forward each month until all tickets are sold, or the drop-dead suspense of December 31st, 2010 is reached.

Note: All posts on this particular lotto drawing available HERE, with the most recent post displayed first.

When I woke up on January 1st, and found no new messages on my answering machine, I concluded that none of my four Alaska Lucky Times Lotto tickets had been chosen. So I was amazed that no further news about this subsequently filtered out.

Now we have an explanation, as reported by KTUU Channel 2. Lucky Times Pull Tabs owner Abe Spicola announced that, because of slow ticket sales, he will continue to sell tickets and postpone the drawing until February 28th, when it will take place at 7:00 P.M. at Rumrunners. Participants need not be personally present to win, since participants enter their names, addresses, and phone numbers on the tickets.

Spicola says the hype over this year's $500,000 dollar lottery hasn't quite reached the frenzy of last year. To wit: Proceeds dropped from $20-30,000 a day last year to $8 - $10,000 a day this year. If proceeds are still insufficient by February 28th, Spicola says state law allows him to extend the lottery again. Lotteries are legal in Alaska if a percentage of the ticket sales go to a non-profit organization.

Although the softening economy may have crimped ticket sales a bit, the lack of advance publicity has hurt more. Unlike last year, when the media was shouting it from the housetops, there was little to no media publicity this year. Furthermore, Abe Spicola doesn't even have a website for Lucky Times, which he could use to promote the lotto and list the locations where people can buy the tickets. Two confirmed locations in Anchorage: The main Lucky Times outlet on 4608 Spenard Road, and the Chevron station at 1304 Airport Heights (across from Alaska Regional Hospital). A News-Miner reader reports that the Moose Lodge is selling tickets in Fairbanks. If I find other locations, I'll post them here.

Lotto tickets cost $5.00 each. When you buy a ticket, you enter your contact information on one half and return that half to the seller. You keep the other half, which you would need to present if you win. Of the $500,000 offered, the winner will probably receive around $350,000 because organizers must withhold federal taxes. It is still unclear how much of a share Standing Together Against Rape (STAR) receives, but Alaska state law requires that anyone organizing a game of chance that benefits a charity must give at least 10 percent of what's left over after the prize money is paid out. It is estimated that STAR was to get anywhere between $2,000 and $20,000 last year.

Last year's lotto generated controversy when a registered sex offender, Alec Ahsoak, won. Subsequently, Ahsoak was targeted and assaulted by a California drifter, Brandon Hughes, who eventually pleaded guilty to second-degree assault and was sentenced to three years in prison by Judge Patrick McKay on May 18th, 2009. Ironically, the judge himself was arrested for DUI on August 27th, and was sentenced to five days in jail and three years probation after pleading no contest on October 27th.


  1. And the sexual pervert is still out on the streets...go figure!

  2. I also found out he chose not to follow through on his promise to contribute some of his windfall back to STAR.

  3. Can not sell tickets if you don't promote it through out the state and let other towns in on the luck. This is the 2nd time we've heard about the lottery, then its over with & can not get tickets in our location and they wonder why its not selling well.
    Shouldn't be a lottery if your not letting the rest of the state in on it. Should be just a raffle when its limited to just a small area of Alaska.
    Good luck
    My money goes south for lottery's for I know where to get those tickets.

  4. Hi Anonymous (from one to another),

    I was very interested in your post. I'd love to buy lottery tickets from the lower 48 - but I thought we couldn't do that if we lived up here in Alaska (ie out of state).

    Can you shed some light on where I can buy tickets, and is it legal?

    Many thanks


  5. Was in Juneau this last week...they are selling the tickets at the Triangle Bar.

  6. Hey,

    Still trying to find out if I can buy tickets for lottery in the lower 48 if I live in Alaska. Anyone!


  7. So here it is February 24th and any word on this lotto??

    I have 4 tickets and I moved out of state since buying them.

    So far I have been reduced to the ADN or here for news about the lotto.

    Lucky times really needs to reconsider how they are doing this. HE could at least make use of the internet to promote it (damn near free) and they need to get tickets into places like Kenai where people were lined up ready to buy but alas no tickets left.

    Lucky times should really consider promoting this and setting a deadline on sales. If they promote it online and through newspaper /TV stories they will get sales, but if they turn hermit like they have they will never pull it off.

  8. canceled yet again so what's the new date for the drawing? It would be great if they gave us some type of info before many of us show up to Rumrunners. This is starting to feel like a scam.

  9. Alaska state law prohibits the promotion of raffles online and the federal rules are still pretty unclear surrounding radio and TV promotion. It makes marketing a raffle really difficult up here.

  10. Alaska gaming laws states that electonic mechanisms or postal service, can't be used for conducting the lottery. That only leaves print media and in-person. Tickets can't be sold over the internet or by mail.

    I'm glad the drawing was extended. Perhaps there is time for me to purchase another ticket and help a good cause!

  11. Hey Alaska,
    This is Abe Spicola and I'm here to explain the situation with the Lucky-Times Lotto. So many want to know why I don't advertise on line or have a website. The answer, like one of your posters explained is due to the fact that Alaska's gaming laws prohibit it. I'm allowed to use print, t.v, and radio. I had to fight with the F.C.C. and file an appeal before I was handed a decion in my favor. Then and only then would any radio station or televion station handle such an account. It fustrates me so to think that I broke down so many obstacles to have all my competerers weep all the glory. I'm an ex-state Gaming Investigator
    with a family and a small pull-tab business. When I first came up with the idea of organizing a state lotto for half a
    million dollars everybody thought It couldn't be done. I knew that if I teamed up with a worthy non profit it could be
    done. That's where Standing Together Against Rape
    comes into play. That me explain somthing else really quick, I also worked as a state juvenile officer here in Alaska on the hardest unit in the State if Alaska. There I became aware of the sexual abuse problem through-out the state. The stories I still here on my head would make you cry and make you want to due somthing about the situation. When STAR agreed to partner up with Lucky-Times Pull-Tabs it's was a solution to try and raise both and money to the situation and STAR'S cause. Lucky-Times Lotto has paid out $500,000.00 to one Alaskan (we all know who) and $250,000.00 to another great Alaskan from Wasilla who bought one ticket from me as I attended a booth 12 hours a day for 12 days straight. The winner said he bought the ticket because the cause the Vietnam Vets of America (Aviation Outreach). If your not familiar my company host two lotteries one for STAR ($500,000.00) and one for the Vets ($250,000.00). This lotto that was just postponed was suppose to be or third jackpot. Unfortunatly my store and my 50+ state wide vendors fell short. I can tell you that we have a vendor on almost every major road in Anchorage and also have a vendor in every major city and village through-out Alaska. Me and my Lucky-Times Team work hard to distribute the tickets. We advertise every Sunday in the Anchorage Daily New ad well as Fox 4 and KIMO 13. I'm trying my hardest to get the word out well as more locations. I ask for your patients as we try and raise $500,000.00 for the winner plus $50,000.00 for STAR so they can employ one sexual abuse educator for the state to educate kids on how to protect themselves. Please help us in or cause and also take into cosideration that Alaska is number one when it comes to sexual abuse and Anchorage and Fairbanks are the number one and two cities in the nation. I promised to help STAR and the VETERANS with their mission, you are welcome to join us.

  12. Thank you Mr. Spicola. I have researched the gaming laws because I was interested in doing something huge too. My hats off to you. Yes, people don't realize that it costs money and almost 24/7of invested time to pull something like this off. You have many people working that need wages, advertising isn't free, printing costs for flyers, posters, tickets, and trying to keep all the paperwok requires an accountant. People should pass the word, and get their friends to purchase tickets. Hey, if they don't win the jackpot, they still win by donating to a good cause. By the way, you could have 2nd, 3rd prizes, and 20 small prizes, therefore people have more chances of getting something and more likely to buy tickets. 2nd price $200. 3rd prize $100. And perhaps 20 $50 gas cards. :-) I've bought fove so far, and plan to get some more. If I get more marketing ideas, I'll share them with you. I'm pretty busy right now, but in the future, if a woman named "Rachel" calls you, it's me.

  13. Hi, I live in Kodiak and I am interested in buying some tickets. where can I buy them in the Island? thank you for any feedback.

  14. The owner of this lottery should get someone to write for him...at least use spellcheck.

  15. where can you buy tickets at in the state besides Anchorage...i live in Fairbanks and i cant find then here at all....

  16. Ok, it's January 02, 2011 and I still haven't heard anything about the $500,000 lotto that was supposed to be drawn last year. I thought the news said it could be delayed for up to 1 year. Has this ticket been drawn and I just missed it, or WHEN will it be drawn????