Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Singin' Sam Little The Latest Republican Entrant In The Alaska 2010 Governor's Race

Without any media fanfare, the list of candidates who want to become Governor of Alaska in 2010 has increased by one. The latest - a Republican entrant who bills himself as "Singin" Sam Little (pictured at left). You can visit his official campaign website HERE.

Little joins a Republican candidate field currently populated, as of this post, by incumbent Sean Parnell, former state lawmaker Ralph Samuels, gasline advocate Bill Walker, and Palmer activist Gerald Heikes.

As expected, Little calls himself "Singin" Sam because he sings. And he's actually pretty damn good - his song, entitled "Truck Driver For Governor" is a traditional country & western song, the type we had back in the days before revisionists like Crystal Gayle and Garth Brooks came along and sissified country music, turning it into "pop country". Little bills himself a common hard-working man willing to do whatever it will take to put Alaska back in its prime. While Little's platform is still evolving, he wants to open up the state to more big businesses who can provide jobs, and most noteworthy, he would like the big box stores to use their corporate muscle on behalf of the state by vigorously promoting some of our Alaska Native products, such as Eskimo parkas, to the bigger markets.

Other issues of interest to Sam Little include increasing Alaskan hire for big projects, restoring the Longevity Bonus for seniors, increasing rewards for Alaska's commercial fishermen, persuading Big Oil to refine more gasoline in Alaska to reduce fuel prices, and resurrecting the Delta Farm Projects. On the downside, he opposes aerial hunting for wolf control, although Alaska's roadless expanses makes this the most viable option for predator control in rural areas, and he also opposes moving the capitol out of Juneau, although his opposition is primarily fiscal.

"Singin" Sam was born on February 28th, 1942. He has played guitar and written songs since he was eight years old. He has also been driving trucks all his adult life -- from logging trucks and cattle hauling to hauling produce and household as well as the long pipe trucks on the Kamikaze Trail in Alaska for the building of the Alaska Pipeline during the 70s. Since 1996, Little has worked for Vic Hoskins Trucking hauling produce for Fred Meyer in Alaska, and out of this started Little Country in 2003, from Tok. He is a former member of the Alaska Army National Guard and a retired 959 teamster.

The Alaska Court System database shows entries on Sam Little and some derivatives. Based on the date of birth, only four entries can be confirmed to apply to this Sam Little. All are minor infractions, such as overweight axles, speeding, and no seat belt usage. These are simply occupational hazards for any professional truck driver and have no bearing upon his suitability to be Governor. Little's APOC records, which document campaign contributions, are available HERE.

Prognosis: Of the four Republicans in the race, Sam Little is the only one with an active union background. But that doesn't mean he is assured of any union endorsements; the unions tend to support the more prominent candidates, and preferentially those who are Democrat. Although Little's presence will add some more color and charisma to the race, the real contest will still be between heavyweights Sean Parnell and Ralph Samuels, although Bill Walker will also attract some notice.

But the winner could do a lot worse than invite Sam Little to perform at the inauguration in January 2011. Little's singing is not just a gimmick; it is professional quality.


  1. Thank You for taking the time to create this Post. If you have any questions on the campaign, feelfree to contact us.

  2. You're welcome, Sam, and good luck getting your message out. The mainstream media has ignored your campaign so far.

  3. Yes, it will take time for it to all get out. We will be working hard to keep it moving. "Alaska Pride" is a great name for your blog. I have an album out called "Alaska Pride", and if you would like, I can have someone send you a link to down load the album for free for your help posting. Let me know!

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