Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Over 1,000 People Show Up At Sarah Palin's Last "Going Rogue" Book-Signing In Wasilla; Four Progressive Alaskan Bloggers Banned From The Event

Update December 31st: I have since learned that the official "banned blogger list" referred to below consisted only of three people; Shannon Moore, Andree McLeod, and Dennis Zaki. A facsimile of the instructions has been posted by TalkingPointsMemo.

The Anchorage Daily News, the Mat-Su Frontiersman, and KTUU Channel 2 report that around 1,000 people ultimately showed up for Sarah Palin's absolute last stop on her "Going Rogue" book signing tour in Wasilla on December 22nd, 2009. Pandemonium Books brought almost 1,000 copies of "Going Rogue" to the signing.

At the signing, held at the Curtis D. Menard Memorial Sports Arena, many people talked about Sarah like she's a member of the family. The only signs in sight had to do with conservative causes or Christmas. Representatives of Alaskans for Parental Rights, who are trying to get a parental notification for abortion initiative on the statewide ballot for the August 2010 primary election, circulated through the crowd seeking petition signatures.

When Palin strode up the ramp to the second floor of the sports center at 11 A.M., she got a rousing welcome from those on hand at the time. Many of the people waiting in line said they live in the Valley; several said they knew Palin or her family personally. "It's her hometown and remember, everybody is her friend, everybody is her parents' friend and we're all friends of the family," said Lyn Carden, executive director of the Greater Wasilla Chamber of Commerce.

However, some were not welcome at the event. Four Alaskan bloggers who've been highly critical of Palin were on a ban list, replete with pictures. Two of them, Dennis Zaki of Alaska Report and Gryphen of The Immoral Minority found out when they visited the event to take pictures. They were intercepted by security and politely asked to leave, which they did without incident. The third blogger on the list was Shannyn Moore, who posted her reaction HERE.

The identity of the fourth blogger has not been publicly released, but ONTD suggests it could either be Linda Kellen Biegel of Diva's Blue Oasis, or Mudflats. But Mudflats doesn't identify herself as the fourth blogger on this post; if she was, she'd be shouting it from the housetops. Post #28 on this Free Republic thread states flatly that Linda Kellen Biegel was the fourth blogger on the list, although Biegel has not confirmed this. Since this post, it has been revealed by TalkingPointsMemo that the only three banned bloggers were Shannyn Moore, Andree McLeod, and Dennis Zaki.

The justification offered by Wasilla Recreation and Cultural Services Manager James Hastings is that the book signing was a private event paid for by publisher Harper Collins, which afford them an unrestricted right to control access. Hastings further explained that "At the end of the day, if something had gone wrong, it would have been my responsibility...If I take three minutes on Google I can see that, given the nature of the people who were here, it wasn't in his (Zaki's) best interest to be here. He and others could have found themselves in a negative situation." So apparently it wasn't just for Palin's protection, but also for the protection of the bloggers as well. With a thousand Palin supporters on hand, the possibility of a confrontation could not be discounted.

Other reaction posted by the progressive sites PoliticsUSA and ThinkProgress.


  1. Not one of the 4 needed to be allowed in. They have crafted many of the ethics complaints used to harass our Governor... they have posted flat out lies about the Palins.

    If anything, the 4 of them deserved to be treated to arrest warrants for the year of crap they put Alaskans and our Governor through.

  2. Yeah, that's right, let's arrest them and throw away the key, no justice for these bloggers, how dare they exercise their 1st Amendment Right to Free Speech.

    You've got to take the good with the bad, if you don't like what these knuckleheads write then don't read it, it's as simple as that.

    Turning Zaki and Griffin away was one thing, allowing the LaRoucian in with his Obama-as-Hitler literature is quite another.

    Zeig Heil ! Zeig Heil ! Zeig Heil !