Thursday, December 03, 2009

Lou Dobbs Squares Off Against ALIPAC's William Gheen On Dobbs' Radio Program On November 30th; Dobbs Still Wants Conditional Amnesty For Illegals

Stung by negative reaction on the part of many American patriots to his November 20th, 2009 interview with Maria Celeste on Telemundo in which he was widely perceived to be too concilatory towards illegal immigrants, Lou Dobbs decided to invite one of his most vociferous critics, ALIPAC's William Gheen, on to his radio program on November 30th. ALIPAC earlier posted their reaction to the Telemundo interview HERE.

The interview was up on Lou Dobbs' website for 24 hours, then dumped into paid archives. However, while it was still available, someone captured it on YouTube; the videos are embedded below:

Part 1 of 2:

Part 2 of 2:

The crux of the dispute is amnesty. While Dobbs wants to beef up border and port security, and has been a lightning rod of criticism for Latino supremacist groups such as MALDEF and La Raza, he also favors (and has always favored) conditional amnesty for some of the estimated 12 million illegal aliens in this country. He states that only the most law-abiding illegals should qualify, but never gives a ballpark figure. Gheen, on the other hand, believes the only path to citizenship for illegals goes back OUTSIDE the United States, and is concerned that the additional voting power of as many as 12 million amnestied illegals could "end the United States as we know it".

Both these guys miss the boat. Lou Dobbs is clearly a class act, insisting on displaying proper manners at all times. But his charitable attitude towards illegals does not best serve the national interest because it rewards bad behavior. On the other hand, William Gheen has the right attitude towards illegals, correctly referring to them as criminals for breaking into our country, but his mannerisms are so offensive that he drives some prospective allies away. His ego hinders his effectiveness; he has publicly feuded with other immigration reform activists such as Jim Gilchrist because they don't meet his exacting standards of moral purity. In addition, Gheen seems to be scared to death of the Southern Poverty Law Center; in an effort to get them off his back, he sent a hysterical e-mail to David Duke and Stormfront virtually "ordering" them to stay out of "his" movement and not use "his" materials on their websites. Gheen should know that once you get on the hit lists of the ADL and SPLC, you never get off, because the anti-hate racket is a sweet deal financially for Abe Foxman and Morris Dees. And by responding to their concerns, Gheen undeservedly validates the ADL and the SPLC.

The ideal would be to combine William Gheen's ideology with Lou Dobb's manners. Nevertheless, in the fight to reclaim America's sovereignty, we haven't the luxury to be excessively choosy about our allies.

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