Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Federal Contractor Steel System Erectors Caught Red-Handed Using Illegal Immigrants On F-22 Hangar Project On Elmendorf AFB, Alaska

While Brendan Joel Kelley of the Anchorage Press was blithely regurgitating SPLC and ADL propaganda about the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR) being a hate group two weeks ago, a Federal contractor was using illegal immigrants on a sensitive construction project at Elmendorf AFB, Alaska right under our very noses.

On December 15th, 2009, KTVA Channel 11 reports that California contractor Steel System Erectors, which won the bid to construct a new hangar for the F-22 fighters to be assigned, was using illegal immigrants as part of the 30-man workforce they brought up here from California. I have transcribed the text of this story from the news video (a hard copy is now posted online). John Lewis of the Ironworkers Local 751 became suspicious when he found out that none of the 30 workers were from Alaska, which violates Alaska employment preference laws, and the subsequent investigation revealed that four of the workers "did not have proper employment documents". KTVA news video embedded below; as of this post, no other local media have picked up the story:

Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) reports that all four illegals were detained; one of the workers has been deported, two voluntarily returned to their country, and one will be pleading his case in front of an immigration judge. Elmendorf AFB officials point out that contractors are responsible for ensuring their workers comply with appropriate hiring laws, including the use of E-verify, but as a precaution, the base will initiate a review of all contractors. Base officials assured the public that none of the workers accessed any sensitive areas of the base. Steel System Erectors did not respond to media enquiries.

Big hat tip to ironworker John Lewis - it shows that union members are not the greedy thugs some extremists portray them to be. Big hat tip to KTVA for getting on top of this story first.


  1. Thank you very much for the tip of the hat you gave me in your article. I do feel the need to point out that local hire laws only apply on State of Alaska projects. This company was within their right to fly the entire crew to Alaska to work.

    It would have been cheaper to hire local's and even cheaper to hire union due to the way benefits and pay are calculated in regard to workers compensation rates. But, in the end, not illegal.

    The undocumented workers however.... yeah. Not good.

  2. what a cheesedick scab rat employer.
    he should be deported along with all his homies.

  3. Thanks for the clarification, John.

  4. The only thing I can say is: When people do not report the facts, they cause the rest of you to beleive anything. Wow you would think you people would investigate a little further before beleiving anything that is written. We live in a country that has so many people who fall through the loops. This is due to government not those who working illegal. Wow ho bout the recent people who got in at Obama's getaway over the holidays. Ok how bout the company in Alaska that was caught with 25 illegals working for them, because the Alaska natives would not work for 8.00 bucks an hour. Better yet look at the Union's friving up wages making it impossible for employers to retatin workers ( or train them ). Hey by the way Alaska has the highest rate of Drunks, and welfare rates, is this due to illegals like in CA( oh lets hire them)