Thursday, December 10, 2009

Fairbanks Resident And Former Alaska House District 7 Candidate Schaeffer Cox Promotes Militia Awareness At Freedom Festival In Idaho

The Anchorage Daily News' Alaska Newsreader informs us of an article in the Spokane Spokesman-Review about a December 2nd, 2009 visit to the Freedom Festival in Post Falls, Idaho by Fairbanks resident Schaeffer Cox (pictured at left). The festival, attended by around 500 people, was organized by the Friends of Liberty Coalition, a group of 10 Inland Northwest groups hoping to create a forum to share ideas and create a louder voice in politics.

Cox addressed the group on militia issues, saying “We need to rob that word back from the people who villainize it”,, eliciting a roar of approval from the crowd in Post Falls. But Cox stressed that a militia cannot merely be an isolated little clique of angry people, but must be a group of people brought together by respect and a power to act. He also mentioned that about 3,500 Alaskans have joined a militia. Other speakers at the Festival addressed other issues such as the growing Climategate scandal, global warming dogma, and linking local sustainability projects to the United Nations. About 10 groups hosted information booths on topics ranging from global warming myths to private property rights and privacy.

But Schaeffer Cox is hardly a marginal figure. He is a respected constitutional advocate up in Fairbanks, involved with the Second Amendment Task Force, a group spawned by the incremental encroachment upon the right to bear arms. Gun grabbers are attempting to curtail our right to bear arms one small bite at a time, acclimating people to gun control by first targeting those who society has been taught to despise. An example of this is the effort to link the DHS "no-fly" list with the NICS database so that anyone who shows up on the no-fly list would also be denied the right to bear arms in a background check.

Cox also ran unsuccessfully for the House District 7 seat in 2008. In the August 2008 Republican primary, he showed unexpected strength against the proven conservative incumbent Mike Kelly, tallying over 36 percent of the vote. This proved to foreshadow Kelly's even tougher general election fight against Democrat Karl Kassel, requiring a recount after the election to resolve the contest in Kelly's favor - by four votes. Cox also supported the recent unsuccessful campaign by Tammie Wilson to become Fairbanks North Star Borough Mayor (although she ended up with a good "consolation" prize - a seat in the State House).

Schaeffer Cox is not the only Alaska militia figure in the news. On November 22nd, the Associated Press published a story about Norm Olson, a former Michigan Militia leader who pulled up stakes and moved to Alaska in July 2005. Olson currently lives on a 22-acre spread near Nikiski, a small, unincorporated community on the Kenai Peninsula with isolated roads and no local government. The nearest state trooper post is two towns away. Olson discourses on the need for a paramilitary Alaska Citizens Militia, but empahsizes that violent individuals aren't welcome to join. Anyone who wants to blow up a bridge or kill a judge or promote such actions need not apply. This is smart, considering the dramatic revelation that former "pro-White" Internet radio shock jock Hal Turner was on the FBI payroll from 2003-2008, receiving $100,000 from the Feds to urge listeners to target judges and lawmakers with "direct action" as a means to "flush out" potential radicals. Anyone who attempts to join a patriotic group and who promotes illegal or violent activity needs to be considered a police agent - and rejected forthwith.

The Associated Press reporter also stated that when she interviewed Norm Olson, he was accompanied by a black former Marine who did not want to be identified, saying it would undermine his role as a combat weapons trainer for any patriot who asks. This immediately undercuts hate propaganda put out by the Southern Poverty Law Center, which has worked ceaselessly to tie militia groups to "white supremacists". Their Summer 2009 Intelligence Report was a hit piece of militias, disingenously tying them to the Oklahoma City bombing, Ruby Ridge, and Waco. The latter two atrocities were government-fueled. The SPLC also did a hit piece on Norm Olson back in September 2009.

In their quest towards eternal self-perpetuation and to keep the donation spigot cranked wide open, the SPLC has expanded far beyond their normal scrutiny of "racists" to include nativists, tax protesters, and patriots in general. Anyone to the right of Barack Obama is scrutinized - and often smeared - by the SPLC. And their patina of respectability induces journalists to thoughtlessly regurgitate their propaganda, as the Anchorage Press did on December 2nd with their hit piece on the Federation for American Immigration Reform. A look at the SPLC's blogroll further illustrates their bias against the right; they link to a number of notorious progressive websites like Daily Kos and Pam's House Blend, the latter edited by an affirmative-action triple threat who's disabled, black, and lesbian.

The facade of SPLC infallibility continues to crack daily as Americans in all walks of life learn of their hysterical hatemongering. The militia movement will not go away just because the SPLC doesn't like it.


  1. What part of Pam's blog offends you the most ? That she is black ? or gay ? or disabled ?

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  2. i think the fact that she is an asshole is what bothers most people most.