Sunday, December 20, 2009

British National Party Issues 40-Page Report Debunking Global Warming Theology

The global warming priesthood is retreating before the tide of "apostasy" stirred up by the waves of Climategate. Already, reports surface that the U.N. Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen was not the rip-roaring success advocates anticipated. Certainly, the people of Valdez, Alaska who are still shoveling out from over six feet of "global warming" might be inclined towards skepticism.

One of those seeking to debunk global warming theology at Copenhagen was the British National Party. They prepared a 40-page briefing paper loaded with facts and references. Some excerpts:

Investigation of the topic of global warming appears to be less about climate than about developing international political power structures aimed at eroding the sovereignty of the nation state.

The game was revealed on the front page of the Financial Times of 7th Feb 2007, when the leading article began: "A series of 'green crimes' enforceable across the EU and punishable by prison sentences and hefty fines, are to be proposed under a contentious push by the European Commission into the sensitive area of lawmaking".

"The draft directive...assigns minimum levels of punishment..."

"The action follows a European Court of Justice ruling in 2005. It sidesteps the historic right of national parliaments to decide what constitutes a crime and how it should be punished".

The BNP also points out that tens of thousands of elderly die in Britain each year from hypothermia, because they cannot afford to heat their homes. While we've not reached that point in the USA, we know that the ability of some Bush Alaskans to pay for energy costs has been strained almost to the breaking point.

Here are some other facts revealed by Australian geology professor Ian Plimer:

1. Tsunamis are caused by tectonic plate movements, not climate change.

2. Biofuels divert land from food production to fuel production, causing food price rises - a major cause of starvation in developing countries.

3. Warming advisors to local and regional authorities, governments, corporations and others must justify their existence. The IPCC is similar; it depends upon the warming thesis.

4. Axial tilt, axial wobbling are believed to have an effect on glaciation.

5. From the early '40s to the mid '70s there occurred global cooling, despite rising levels of CO2. This created a widely shared fear of an approaching new ice age.

6. Since 1998, global temperatures have fallen, especially during the last two years.

7. The most significant atmospheric greenhouse gas is water vapour. Clouds are a greenhouse insulator. Taking into consideration water vapour, CO2 is approximately 3% of greenhouse gases.

8. Temperature rises precede rises in atmospheric CO2 levels (not vice versa) by between 800-1000 years - which is argued to be a feature of sea warming, causing this release of CO2.

9. The release of CO2 is governed by a law of diminishing returns. Thus, from zero, the first 50ppm CO2 would have a marked warming effect; a further release of 50ppm would have a much reduced rate. From our current level of around 385ppm, a further rise of 20ppm will have a miniscule effect.

10. Ground stations, which measure warming, are sited close to cities which are warmer than countryside. Tarmac, buildings, concrete, vehicles, etc, create an artificially warm environment. Since the USSR collapsed, many meteorological stations in Russia and Siberia have ceased to function in cold locations.

11. Sun Spots: sun spots create a strengthening of the sun's magnetic field. There is evidence to demonstrate a direct link between sunspots and warm weather. The astronomer Edward Maunder attributed the 'little ice age' to low sun spot activity.

12. The cost of mitigating global warming far exceeds the cost of the damage. Indeed, the beneficial effects of warming in terms of crop yields arguably outweigh the negative effects and open up lands in Northern areas of Canada and Russia.

13. Bjorn Lomborg notes that the Kyoto Protocol at best will only reduce average global temperatures by 0.2 deg C by 2100.

14. Under the Emissions Trading Scheme, the UK's rigorous scheme has caused the transfer of around 0.5bn GBP each year to continental companies (where regulations are less stringent) to buy permits - with no effect on emissions.

15. Wind Farms - constructed to minimise the UK's output of CO2, are ineffective during the high pressure weather periods that so often appear during mid Summer and mid Winter. When considered in conjunction with the closure by 2015 of over half a dozen UK coal-fired power plants, resulting from the EU's large Combustion Plant Directive, the threat to the UK's energy generation appears substantial.

16. Cost of Wind Power: a House of Commons Report, 'Wind Power in the UK' states that the hidden subsidy system of 'Renewable Obligation Certificates' is already adding 14% to domestic UK electricity bills.

17. The use of biofuels has taken up to one third of agricultural land from production in some regions and caused inflationary increases in the costs of basic foodstuffs.

18. Britain emits less than 2% of human-emitted CO2 worldwide – see
- a tenth what China, the worst emitter, puts out.)

19. Oceans are one of the major sources of CO2, according to Professor Carl Wunch, Massachusetts Oceanographer. Warmer oceans provide more CO2 and vice versa, but the effect is over centuries.

Many of the points above are well researched in Roger Helmer’s booklet on climate, available from the Bruges Group.

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