Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Andree McLeod Now Claims She Never Supported Sarah Palin, Was Always A Frank Murkowski Loyalist

On December 15th, 2009, the Anchorage Daily News published a letter to the editor from our ethics watchdog Andree McLeod. And this missive contains completely new information. McLeod now insists she never supported Sarah Palin and was a Frank Murkowski loyalist all along. Here's the letter:

Statement is simply not the truth

Sarah Palin's book contains many untrue statements about me and I'll set her straight soon enough. However, one of those lies cannot wait. Sarah says that I implored her to run for governor in 2006. That is patently false.

I worked for Gov. Murkowski starting in 2005 and continued until he left office. I distinctly remember telling Sarah that I was fully supportive of Murkowski's re-election bid. I saw first-hand how hard-working and cohesive his team was in its mission to progress Alaska's economic future. This state hadn't seen a tighter ship than when Murkowski and Jim Clark were at the helm. I emphatically told her NOT to run for governor as she was more suited to run for lieutenant governor, if she had to run at all.

Sarah has impugned my integrity and trustworthiness. I refuse to let that slide. Because I was loyal to the man who brought me to the dance, I couldn't have implored Sarah to run for governor as she states. My full support was behind Frank Murkowski and NOT Sarah Palin.

-- Andrée McLeod, Anchorage

For those of you who have a copy of Going Rogue, Sarah Palin discusses Andree McLeod on pp 353-356.

Now here's my question. If this is really the case, why did she wait so long to disclose this? Many Alaskans, particularly myself, believed that Andree McLeod started spamming Sarah Palin with ethics complaints because she got turned down for a patronage job with the Palin Administration. Not once did she previously offer this new explanation.

McLeod correctly claims that Frank Murkowski ran a tighter ship than Sarah Palin, and that his team was more hard-working and cohesive. There is truth in this statement; Frank Murkowski was a more professional governor and there was less drama. But who contributed so much to the destabilization of the Palin Administration? Why, none other than Andree McLeod herself, with her endless spamming of ethics complaints. And none of those complaints have been substantiated. I don't recall any public outrage on McLeod's part when Murkowski's Attorney General Greg Renkes got into trouble, though. I also don't recall any public outrage expressed by McLeod over Murkowski's infamous "jet".

And so far, most people aren't buying McLeod's sudden "revelation":

Lurch wrote on 12/14/2009 11:54:34 PM:

Andree McLeod wouldn't know the truth if someone hit her over the head with it. Every accusation made by Ms. McLeod was thrown out due to extreme lack of evidence or because what was done was perfectly legal. Andree I here by demand that you turn over immediately all e-mails sent to Mrs. Palin so we can find out if you're playing fast and loose with the truth again. BTW, I already know the answer.

As to you "setting her straight", I hate to break it to you but nobody is going to publish that work of fiction you've started.

Afortiori wrote on 12/14/2009 11:47:27 PM:

Andrea - Are you implying that you were so" loyal" to jetsetter Frank that you filed all those complaints out of loyalty to Frank? Most of us thought you were just angry because Sarah didn't want you on her team. We didn't know that you worked for Frank Murkowski and that you were that loyal to him.

ADN could have done some investigative reporting and informed us about your previous employment.

pro_oil_returns wrote on 12/14/2009 09:01:41 PM:

Andree - You are a bitter little person who is simply latching onto the undercurrent of liberal hatred for Sarah Palin. The fact you received any notoriety has nothing to your qualifications, just speaks to the intensity of disdain the left has for Palin. To think that you have any integrity or credibility after the inane ethics charges you brought forth is laughable.

You wasted the time of the State and it's citizens for having to listen to the press surrounding your ridiculous assertions. We were glad to be done with you the last few months. Please go back to where you were hiding.

Andree McLeod does remain a Republican - officially, at least.

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