Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Andree McLeod Files Another Ethics Complaint - This Time Targeting The Alaska Fund Trust Set Up To Defray Sarah Palin's Legal Costs

Another day, another ethics complaint against Sarah Palin. This time, Andree McLeod has filed a complaint about the existence of the Alaska Fund Trust, set up by others to collect donations to defray the estimated $600,000 in legal fees incurred by Palin in defending against these ethics complaints, none of which have been formally substantiated yet. McLeod's problem is that the Alaska Fund Trust is still soliciting donations, although it was officially placed in limbo after Personnel Board attorney Tom Daniel decided on July 21st, 2009 to forward a probable cause finding on the ethics complaint originally submitted by Kim Chatman, to the Personnel Board for additional investigation. While the investigation is still officially "open", it is dormant not only because Palin's July 26th resignation made the complaint superfluous, but also because Fund trustee Kristan Cole told the Associated Press that organizers had frozen the legal defense fund pending the personnel board's review.

The Alaska Fund Trust website is still active, and when I click the Donate button, it still accepts information (I did not actually complete the process, since I don't desire to donate). Nevertheless, the FAQ section indicates the Trust is legal, and since Sarah Palin is no longer governor, there isn't even an implicit conflict of interest. Consequently, this ethics complaint is likely to be dismissed. McLeod has now filed eight ethics complaints against Palin.

When I originally published this post, this latest complaint had not yet warranted an individual story in the Alaska media, getting merely a two-line reference in this ADN story about Attorney General Daniel Sullivan's proposal to implement changes in Alaska's ethics laws. The major changes include allowing the state to pay the legal bills of public officials for defending against ethics complaints that are tossed out, as well as better defining when a governor's family members can travel on the state's dime. The 12-page document of proposed changes can be viewed HERE.

However, since this post, ADN has put out a story on their Alaska Politics blog. They confirm that the Personnel Board has not followed up on Tom Daniel's report with the filing of any formal accusation, which would trigger a potential hearing or penalties. And they include a link to McLeod's 14-page complaint HERE.

Andree McLeod further described her latest ethics complaint in a short comment posted to the ADN story, replete with her customary emotional verbiage:

AndreeMcLeod wrote on 12/07/2009 11:39:39 PM:
McLeod's Monday complaint relates to Palin's legal defense fund. A July 14th report already found probable cause that Palin violated the Alaska Ethics Act while she abused her position for personal gain and secured unwarranted benefits for herself, her family and other undisclosed public officials.

Palin continues to compromise the integrity of our Governor's Office. She continues to misuse her official position even though she was told it is wrong to do. What we have is the epitome of a culture of corruption.

Why do public officials permit Palin to get away with bad behavior?

Why does justice not prevail on the side of the people in the follow through of what has already been established as an unscrupulous pot of money?

We still don't know how much has been collected during her term and whose been paid from the fund?

Why does the administration continue to protect and defend Sarah Palin, even when she's caught, red-handed, selling out the Office of the Governor?

Update April 29th, 2010: ADN subsequently posted a link to the 14-page complaint, dated December 7th, HERE.

You can see how completely detached from reality McLeod is. Note that McLeod writes, "She continues to misuse her official position". What official position? Palin has not had an "official position" since she resigned on July 26th. And of course, she tosses out her typical battery of hysterical "what-if" questions. This is not a quest for justice, but the cry of an obsessed woman for help.

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