Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Sarah Palin Steps Into Bill O'Reilly's "No Spin Zone" And Emerges Intact

One of the few pundits on television for which I have any respect at all is Bill O'Reilly. Unlike the slicked-back blow-dried Sean Hannity clones, O'Reilly is a crusty straight-shooter from the older generation who's not afraid to make waves. Political correctness is not part of his equation.

So former Governor Sarah Palin finally stepped into O'Reilly's "No-Spin Zone" and gave a good account of herself, although O'Reilly didn't exactly throw her any 95 MPH Nolan Ryan fastballs. The interview aired over three separate days; the first two days are broken up into two separate segments on the videos embedded below. Surprisingly, Troopergate never surfaced during the interview.

November 19th, 2009: Part 1, Segment 1. Palin claims that there were no issues between her and John McCain, and that he was always accessible to her. Continues to respect him. Also discussed the Couric and Gibson interviews. Read entire written transcript of Part 1 HERE.

November 19th, 2009: Part 1, Segment 2:

November 20th, 2009: Part 2, Segment 1. Palin gives Obama a grade of 4 out of 10 overall. She's most concerned about Obama's grasp of national security and economics; she thinks he's too easy on terrorists, and that he's a diehard socialist. Read entire written transcript of Part 2 HERE.

November 20th, 2009: Part 2, Segment 2:

November 23rd, 2009: Part 3. O'Reilly remarks that the only other politician in his memory who has taken as much abuse as Palin was Richard Nixon. Palin talks about wanting to lead a populist movement. Read written transcript HERE.

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