Thursday, November 19, 2009

Sarah Palin Hits A Home Run In The Heartland; Over 1,000 People Mob Borders Bookstore In Noblesville, Indiana To Get Signed Copies Of "Going Rogue"

While I don't intend to publish a post on each one of Sarah Palin's stops on her book tour (read the complete itinerary HERE), this particular stop best symbolizes the reception she's receiving, and so I considered it "post-worthy". Even though some Alaskans may not like it, there's no doubt that Sarah Palin is hitting a home run in the heartland, where her "Going Rogue" book tour has kicked off. On November 19th, 2009, over 1,000 people descended upon a Borders bookstore in the Indianapolis suburb of Nobleville to press the flesh and get signed copies of her book. Media stories from the Indianapolis Star and WRTV Channel 6.

People actually began forming up on Wednesday night in anticipation of the store's 7 A.M. opening on Thursday. When the store opened on Thursday, Borders workers handed out 1,000 wristbands, used to limit the number of people getting books signed. Then the people lined up again about 3 P.M. to prepare to enter the store. At 5:40 P.M., Sarah pulled in the parking lot, where she was greeted with cries of "Sarah, Sarah, Sarah". She got off the bus holding her youngest son, 19-month-old Trig. At the podium, she thanked everyone waiting in the rain for her arrival.

Afterwards, many of the people were beaming about her kindness and generosity. They said Palin shook their hands and made small talk with them. One individual was particularly effusive in her praise. Karen Chappell, 52, Indianapolis, said Palin was just wonderful. Chappell arrived at 11:30 p.m. Wednesday and sat in her car all night so she could be one of the first in line to get a wristband to have "Going Rogue" signed tonight. She said Palin's autograph was worth a sleepless night in her car. "This is the chance of a lifetime," Chappell said. "She's going to be big." Watch WISH Channel 8 news video embedded below:

Of course, these people do not know Sarah Palin as we Alaskans know her. But then again, it is often said that "a prophet is without honor in his own country", and "a man is never a hero to his valet". Substitute "her" for "him" and you get the picture. They may see her transparency, but they didn't live through Troopergate, and they don't have to contend with an AGIA process that, according to former Governor Frank Murkowski, may have closed the window of opportunity for a natural gas pipeline. They may see the glamour, but we Alaskans saw the grit as well.

Nonetheless, it cannot be denied that Sarah Palin has a unique ability to connect with mainstream America. Her constituency is neither the "valuable intellectual properties" that infest our colleges, nor the chatterers who run their sanctimonious mouths on a controlled national media, nor the wine-sipping, cheese-nibbling artsy-fartsy crowd. Her constituency is working class America; the butchers, bakers, and candlestick makers, so to speak. She attracts the people who drive the trucks, turn the spanners, hammer the nails - in short, the people who built and maintain this country, and who only ask that they get to keep more of what they earn rather than give it to a government who spends their hard-earned money on pipe dreams such as cap-and-trade, subsidize rich corporate predators through targeted tax cuts and TARP handouts, or simply hand it to irresponsible welfare deadbeats. These Americans increasingly believe that the Democrats and Republicans are merely two separate wings of the same bird of prey.

Sarah Palin is simply a better-looking version of Pat Buchanan.

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