Thursday, November 05, 2009

Is Anchorage Assemblywoman Sheila Selkregg A "Communist"? Bill Starr Links Her "Social Equity" Budget Amendment To The Communist Manifesto

Obviously, Anchorage Assemblywoman Sheila Selkregg is not a Communist, per se. But one can easily understand how some conservatives could have gotten that idea during a meeting of the Anchorage Assembly on Tuesday November 3rd, 2009. Media stories on this issue from KTUU Channel 2, the Anchorage Daily News, the Anchorage Daily Planet, and Alaska Dispatch.

The subject of discussion was Mayor Dan Sullivan's proposed six-year fiscal plan, a long range general overview of the city's priorities. Without extending the common courtesy of prior consultation with the mayor's office, Assemblywoman Sheila Selkregg, who is considered part of the "Socialist Six" majority on the 11-person assembly, offered several amendments to the plan, one under the heading of "Social Equity." Direct link to KTUU news video HERE.

A second related KTUU video is directly accessible HERE.

Red flag! Red flag! Assemblyman Bill Starr, a conservative Assembly member from Eagle River, immediately reacted. "This Selkregg manifesto now speaks to words such as social equity," Starr said. Then afterwards, Starr continued, "It speaks to several platforms that are solidly entrenched in the communist planks. One of them is sort of leveling of ... moving toward a classless society".

Bang! The brouhaha was on! Dr. Selkregg immediately fired back, saying "If you think that makes me a communist, I think that what I'll have to say to you, is that you sound a lot like a McCarthy person, I mean for goodness sakes". Older liberals frequently like to throw out charges of "McCarthyism" at conservatives to deflect criticism. But Selkregg later explained herself further, saying that her amendments weren't related to communism at all. "When we make our decisions, there's a sense of fairness and we don't make decisions that result in poor people or middle class people paying a lot to the benefit of people who are very wealthy," she said.

But Starr stood by his characterization. "I do (stand by what I said). I think it's a fair analogy. I think the role of government is what we're analyzing at this point and where we move into the social program needs, how we provide that social equity, that's not our job," Starr said. Nevertheless, the Assembly passed Selkregg's amendments by a 6-5 vote, split along ideological lines (the Socialist Six voted as a bloc).

Enter Mayor Dan Sullivan at this point. Sullivan promptly zapped the Assembly vote with a veto, incensed that Selkregg blindsided him with those amendments without so much as the courtesy of prior consultation. Knowing that they couldn't get the eight votes necessary to override the mayoral veto, the Assembly promptly stripped the amendments and passed the six-year plan by a 6-5 vote. Later, another member of the "Socialist Six", Assemblyman Mike Gutierrez, criticized Sullivan for having exercised the third veto of his brief tenure, claiming that in six years Mayor Mark Begich only cast one veto.

Well d-uh, of course. Sullivan has a DIFFERENT political philosophy than Begich, so of course Sullivan, a conservative, is more likely to veto legislation from a liberal-dominated Assembly. That's not exactly rocket science. The six-year fiscal plan will be further discussed at an informal Assembly work session to be held on Friday November 13th (open to the public), with a final vote anticipated during the next formal meeting on November 17th.

Analysis: Sheila Selkregg caters to some strong negative biases and stereotypes. First, she is an unapologetic liberal. But second, and even more significant, she's also a professor at the University of Alaska-Anchorage (UAA). She's of the same generation of those who, as college students, trashed and sacked our secular university campuses during the Vietnam era. Many of them became college professors and spread their anti-American globalist agenda to successive waves of additional students. To this day, America's secular universities continue to be citadels of anti-Americanism, promoting such doctrines as "social equity", white privilege, white guilt, anti-racist hate, homosexual supremacy, political censorship of conservative viewpoints, and environmental extremism. They complete reinvent and subvert our history and present America as a "historical oppressor". They judge the actions of the past through the morality of the present. And they've also imposed the "tyranny of science" upon us, claiming that whenever "peer-reviewed science" allegedly "settles" issues such as global warming, we should all shut up and accept it.

However, "peer-reviewed science" is not infallible. To present science as infallible is to award it religious status. It's no wonder a growing number of mainstream Americans have learned to show disdain towards and even outright hatred of the academic community. Unfortunately, because Sheila Selkregg is also part of that academic community, she becomes more of a lightning rod for criticism that other liberal Assembly members who are not part of that community.


  1. bill starr is a fucking commie queer as far as i am concerned. he needs to get a real job and quit fucking with the lives of others who work for a living.

  2. Hey Anonymous,

    Pretty sure you have it backwards, Shelia now wants to "fuck" with your life by taxing your soda. People who buy soda work for a living. Bill Starr is for less government. Please do some research before you type.