Thursday, November 26, 2009

"Climategate" Scandal Spreading: New Zealand Climatologists Accused Of Manipulating Temperature Data To Show False Warming Trend

The "Climategate" scandal, which really broke loose after a computer expert hacked into the computers at the University of East Anglia’s Climate Research Unit and released 61 megabytes of confidential files onto the Internet, has been further fueled by the revelation that New Zealand climatologists may have "adjusted" temperature to present a false warming trend in support of current climate change dogma. The confidential files, consisting of 1,079 e-mails and 72 other documents, are now available on Wikileaks in ZIP format (it reportedly unpacks to 156 megabytes; certified to be free of malware and viruses). They are also available unzipped on Opinion Times, listed individually.

In this Examiner article, Terry Hurlbut writes that climate scientists in New Zealand accused the foremost climate-research institution in New Zealand of data manipulation of the same type as the East Anglia Climatic Research Institute (CRU) is alleged to have done.The New Zealand Climate Science Coalition issued this paper saying that a graph published by the New Zealand National Institute for Water and Atmospheric Research (NIWA) is not only wrong but is the result of painstaking and unjustified adjustment of raw temperature data covering the period from 1853 through 2008. At issue is a claim by NIWA that the average temperature over New Zealand declined from 1853 to 1909 and then began to rise, and has been rising ever since, at an average rate of +0.92 degree (Celsius) per century. See the applicable graphs below:

Unlike the case with the CRU, NIWA's raw data remain readily available, at least to climate scientists. Richard Treadgold of the Climate Conversation Group and his colleagues requested and obtained the data used to produce the NIWA graph. Using these data, they produced a graph of their own. Their graph, shown above, displays no such decline from 1853 to 1909 and consequently no such steep increase from 1909 through 2008 as that shown on the NIWA graph. Instead, according to the CSC, the linear trend is a negligibly gentle +0.06 degree per century since 1853.

Tony Hake also makes the same claims in this other Examiner article. The timing of Climategate is rather fortuitous, breaking on the eve of the United Nations Climate Change Conference to be held December 7-18 in Copenhagen. And President Obama will be there, taxpayer-funded checkbook in hand, prepared to throw away billions of taxpayer dollars on climate change-related giveaways. He's prepared to commit us to a 17 percent reduction in American emissions.

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