Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Dan Fagan Explains Why The Alaska Standard Website Was Knocked Offline; Outage Is Temporary

Imagine my surprise when on October 7th, 2009, I visited The Alaska Standard website and was greeted with the message "this account has been suspended". The Alaska Standard is considered the premier conservative opinion website in Alaska.

Fortunately, I found out about this before the daily broadcast of the Dan Fagan Show on KFQD 750 AM from 2:00 - 5:00 P.M. So I tuned in to find out if Fagan, who is also the website's webmaster, would explain the problem. And Fagan did not disappoint. At approximately 35 minutes into the first hour of the show, he began to explain the problem, although it took about eight minutes for him to get to the point.

When Dan Fagan constructed one of his posts several weeks ago, he found a couple of photos published on a local progressive's blog, and cross-posted them to The Alaska Standard website. The photos were not copyrighted. This local progressive, who Fagan did not name, is a chronic critic of Fagan and appears to have a real political hardon for him. But the progressive blogger did not take the high road and contact Fagan directly like a man to resolve the problem. Instead, he contacted The Alaska Standard's host, Bluehost, and lodged a complaint. Bluehost promptly took The Alaska Standard offline.

Dan Fagan then called Bluehost and learned of the situation. He immediately offered to remove the photos. Fagan now reports that Bluehost will restore the site as early as 5:00 P.M. on October 7th. Fagan does not want to release the identity of the progressive blogger because he does not want to drive traffic to his site. Update: The progressive Mudflats blog has also addressed this issue. However, Fagan clearly identified the blogger dogging him as a "he"; the editor of the Mudflats blog is a "she", so it is unlikely that Mudflats is behind this.

This clearly demonstrates the perfidy of the progressive community. Just as they used the ethics complaint system to wage political warfare against Sarah Palin, so they're using fair use rules to wage political warfare against ideological opponents in general. Progressives define free speech merely as your right to agree with them; they seek to censor and repress contrasting opinion. Thus the progressive community poses a greater long-term danger to America than even al-Qaeda. At least al-Qaeda doesn't pretend; they openly admit they want to destroy America.

But they didn't succeed for long; The Alaska Standard will be back online before the close of business today. Update: Took a bit longer, but the site now back up as of early on October 8th.

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