Saturday, September 05, 2009

Former Anchorage NAACP Czar Rev. Dr. William Greene Claims Anchorage Police Department Disbanded Their Metro Drug Unit Because Of "Racism"

Perhaps the tithing harvest at his Eagle River Missionary Baptist Church has dropped below sustainable levels. That could be one reason why the infamous Reverend Dr. William Greene has inserted himself back into the news.

According to the Anchorage Daily News, Rev. Greene, who is the former Anchorage NAACP czar and the current chairman of the Anchorage Community Police Relations Task Force, claims that a decision made by the Anchorage Police Department to disband its Metro Drug Unit and to redeploy the officers into other APD units is driven by "racism". Greene claims that most of the officers in the unit have come to him with their concerns about "racial discrimination".

"That's one of the most diverse units in APD, and they have done everything that they possibly could to discredit that unit," Greene said. "These officers are not being treated equally. They are being treated like second-class citizens. ... I think disbanding is a form of intimidation." Greene also said he thinks some leadership at APD didn't like a unit made up mostly of minorities and wanted to spread them out into "Caucasian units."

Interesting. Spreading them out into "Caucasian units" would actually DIVERSIFY these units. Perhaps Rev. Greene doesn't celebrate "diversity", which would indicate that this whole national "diversity" propaganda campaign was never intended to promote genuine diversity where common American nationality actually takes precedence over individual heritage.

Oh, and by the way, Reverend, we're not Caucasian...we're WHITE.

But Rev. Greene wasn't done bitching. He also claims that unnamed APD officials have repeatedly threatened to shut the unit down because of underperformance, though many of the officers have been officially recognized for their work. He also claims that the Metro Drug officers have not been adequately trained and have been skipped over for promotions, and have even been followed around by white officers scrutinizing their work. Some Metro Drug officers allegedly haven't gotten performance reviews in years.

According to longtime APD spokeswoman Anita Shell, acting police chief Steve Smith had not yet heard about any of the complaints, but if there is an actual grievance, APD will let it take its course and review it. Earlier in the week, Smith explained that the move will let APD avoid duplicating the efforts of the Drug Enforcement Administration, which targets high-level drug operations and with whom the unit works closely. This, of course, dovetails perfectly with Mayor Dan Sullivan's desire to eliminate as much redundancy in city services as possible in order to cope with a budget deficit that is likely to take a while to resolve.

APD Lt. Dave Parker also chimed in, saying that none of the Metro Drug officers will lose their jobs. Five of the eight affected officers will simply be redeployed into other units, including vice, which investigates street-level drug, gambling and prostitution crimes. The other three will continue working with the DEA to ensure continuity.

City spokeswoman Sarah Erkmann, an erstwhile contributor to The Alaska Standard, said the officers have met with the director of the city's Office of Equal Opportunity to discuss their concerns and the city agency initiated an investigation. Left unasked was the question as to whether Mayor Dan Sullivan had become previously aware of this situation and whether he factored it into his decision not to keep former police chief Rob Neun.

Rev. Dr. William Greene has a reputation for being Anchorage's premiere black race-hustler. One of Rev. Greene's most notorious outbursts of race-hustling occurred in September 2005, when the Anchorage Assembly fired then-clerk Elvi Gray-Jackson for her persistent failure to meet the Assembly's conditions of employment, and Rev. Greene went ballistic, visited Assembly Chambers, and deliberately defamed and smeared two members of the Assembly, Anna Fairclough and Dan Coffey with false charges of racism. This provoked a short-lived and unsuccessful recall attempt by Troy Maulden against one of Dr. Greene's Assembly sock puppets, Pamela Jennings.

Interesting how even though Rev. Dr. William Greene professes so much concern about "da brothas and da sistahs", he didn't choose to locate his church in Mountain View, Fairview, or Northeast Anchorage, where a greater percentage of "da brothas and da sistahs" live, and where the tithing harvest would likely be chump change, but instead planted his church in one of the richest parts of Anchorage, Eagle River, where he can tap into those "Platinum Tithers™".

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