Monday, September 21, 2009

Fairbanks School Board Candidate Lynette Bergh Interviewed On KXD Channel 13, Concerned About Stagnant Test Scores

In a previous post, I revealed that incumbent Fairbanks Seat B School Board Member Wendy Dominique, who's been more concerned with social engineering than with academic performance, had attracted a well-qualified opponent, Lynette Bergh, whose campaign website can be viewed HERE. Bergh's resume absolutely teems with advanced academic credentials, and she possesses active teaching certificates for grades 1-12.

On September 15th, 2009, Lynette Bergh was interviewed by Micah Johnson on KXD Channel 13 in Fairbanks. Bergh's primary educational concern is that student test scores are stagnating; the lack of progress frustrates her. Understandable, since the Fairbanks North Star School District failed to make AYP for the fifth consecutive year. She also thinks the school district should be less prone to reach out for fancy new programs and instead consider changing the way some existing programs are implemented; for example, she would like to see the district increase test-out options for students who want to try to graduate more quickly. YouTube video of interview embedded below:

Surprisingly, Micah Johnson asked Lynette Burgh no questions about the incumbent, Wendy Dominique. Perhaps it was because Dominique was not present and wouldn't be able to rebut any claims made by Burgh, but most people are naturally curious about what a challenger finds faulty about an incumbent. The desire for civility should not preclude honest debate and constructive criticism.

Fairbanks will have two elections on October 6th, 2009. Information about the borough election is HERE, and about the Fairbanks city election HERE. Lynette Burgh is eminently qualified to replace Wendy Dominique.

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