Friday, September 04, 2009

Andree McLeod Strikes Out Again; Ethics Complaint Against Former Palin Press Secretary Bill McAllister Deep-Sixed

Another Andree McLeod ethics complaint gets flushed, but that's almost like saying the sun rises in the east. The Anchorage Daily News reports that her complaint that former press secretary Bill McAllister worked on state time to benefit Sarah Palin's interest during and after her quest as the 2008 GOP vice presidential candidate was unsubstantiated. The Department of Law concluded that no evidence of any violation of state ethics law was found, and so Deputy Attorney General Craig Tillery dismissed the complaint. This story was also posted on Conservatives4Palin.

Andree McLeod originally filed the complaint back on January 23rd, 2009:
-- Original ADN news story HERE
-- Original Alaska Politics blog post HERE
-- PDF document HERE.

By the way, I've noticed that McLeod has filed no ethics complaints since July 20th, shortly before Sarah Palin's resignation. Absolutely none since Sean Parnell took over. Coincidence? Isn't it obvious what McLeod's real objective was by now? It had nothing to do with ethics. McLeod was pissed off about not getting a patronage job, and so she used the ethics complaint system to run Palin out of office. Crap, even Forest Gump could figure that one out.

By the way, Bill McAllister has apparently registered on the ADN website and has posted several comments to this story. Most of the three comments were an ad nauseum recital of all the journalistic awards he won, but he did squeeze in this gem of substance: "As for the fallacious, malicious suggestion that I "asked" the Palin administration for a job well in advance of taking it, wrong. I never asked; I was approached. And I immediately resigned from Channel 2 upon accepting. Think about it; why would I wait months to double my salary? Not very logical." McAllister had been unfairly accused of lining up the press secretary job with Palin well before his departure from KTUU and then "softballing" the Palin administration in his reporting until his departure from KTUU.

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