Thursday, September 10, 2009

Andree McLeod Stages World-Class Chimpout At Alaska Personnel Board Meeting; Personnel Board Righteously Bitch-Slaps Her In Return

It was inevitable. Andree McLeod's morbid obsession with Sarah Palin's ethics were propelling her towards a public confrontation of some sort. And that confrontation happened in Anchorage, Alaska on September 9th, 2009. Primary story published by the Anchorage Daily News' Alaska Politics blog, supplemented by information from Conservatives4Palin and Diva's Blue Oasis.

The Alaska Personnel Board was meeting in Anchorage to hear appeals of their dismissals of some of the ethics complaints filed against Sarah Palin. When the time for the public to speak arrived, Andree McLeod was there, and loaded for bear. And she staged a world-class chimpout:

“For anyone to even criticize a person like myself who wants to file complaints and does so and then call me a serial complainer and then complain about the cost? What is the cost of corruption? What is the cost of the culture of corruption that you are now complicit in, of the Palin/Parnell administration. Can you answer that Al?” McLeod told the board.

But McLeod didn't stop there. She continued to spew, declaring that the board is a joke and is dedicated to defending public officials rather than serving the public. Finally, one board member had clearly heard enough; Al Tamagni broke in and said, “just keep bitching, Andree", and accused her of having a personal vendetta.

But according to Andree McLeod, only she has the right to defend her position, because in her mind, only she is the sole source of virtue. So she self-righteously exploded in return, "How dare you!" a number of times. And when Personnel Board Chair Debra English then threatened to call security to have McLeod removed for unprofessional behavior, McLeod erupted again, denouncing English's behavior as "offensive".

In other words, McLeod can "impugn" the motives of the Personnel Board - and anyone else who disagrees with her - but heaven forbid we "impugn" her motives, because she's so good and righteous and she's only trying to "hold public officials accountable". This is a classic symptom of megalomania - not much different than the behavior exhibited by cult figures like Jim Jones and David Koresh.

The exchange between McLeod and Tamagni continued, with Tamagni reminding the public how much money has been expending chasing down these groundless complaints, and in response to McLeod's continued defamation and slander of the board, Tamagni also hinted that legal action could well be directed against McLeod.

Linda Kellen Biegel, who edits Diva's Blue Oasis under her nickname of Celtic Diva, was present at the Personnel Board meeting and posted her account HERE. Her purpose was to appeal the dismissal of the Arctic Cat ethics complaint against Sarah Palin. But apparently she expressed herself more professionally and less hysterically, because ADN didn't report on her appearance. But after the ADN story broke, Biegel posted the following comment on ADN (replicated in part, with several typos cleaned up):

celtic_diva_ak wrote on 09/10/2009 08:50:17 AM:

Yup, just as I thought...C4P put out a "plea" for their out-of-staters to come over to ADN and insert their non-Alaskan ignorance in the process once again.

Those who live here understand that Mr. Tagmani was the one out of line here. And I find it hysterical that the same group of people who support a bunch of "teabaggers" shouting down people on oxygen who were attempting to support health care reform at a press conference recently...the same group of people who support a loser Congressman [Rep. Joe Wilson, R-SC] heckling the President during a speech in Congress...condemn Andree McLeod for expressing her anger appropriately...during public testimony at a public meeting that's subject to the Open Meetings Act.

Note the mixture of truth, exaggeration, and assumption. Yes, C4P did put out a plea for their readers to comment on ADN. No, there's no reason to assume that all of C4P's readers are from out of state. But third, note how Biegel plays the "guilt-by-association" card, attempting to bring Rep. Joe Wilson (R-SC) into the mix. Rep. Wilson is the one who shouted out "You lie!" to Barack Obama during his health care speech; he has since apologized, and Obama has accepted his apology. The fact is, nobody introduced Rep. Wilson into the debate on this issue...except for Celtic Diva. Thus it's merely a ploy to take the heat off Andree McLeod.

Andree McLeod's case triggers mixed emotions. On the one hand, I was energized to see two Personnel Board members publicly stand up to McLeod and her incessant bullying. Al Tamagni said to McLeod what many other Alaskans would like to say to her publicly, and have already said through various blogs. On the other hand, it's somewhat sad to see someone who started out with apparently commendable motives like McLeod systematically melt down in an orgy of self-righteousness and megalomania.

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