Thursday, September 17, 2009

Anchorage, Alaska To Hold Two Official Separate And Competing "Diversity Dinners" On September 25th; Mayor Dan Sullivan Hosting The Real Dinner

Since Anchorage's former spendthrift Mayor Mark Begich designated a week in September to be Mayor's Diversity Week in 2004, ultimately expanded to a month, the occasion has been capped by an official Diversity Dinner, where the community's elite get together to grip and grin and pay official homage to "diversity".

Anchorage's current mayor Dan Sullivan is continuing the tradition. However, Sullivan decided it was more important to have diversity serve as a means towards a greater, more flexible unity rather than merely as a stand-alone end goal. So he changed the name of the event to the Unity Dinner, to be held on September 25th in 2009. Sounds like a logical and overdue progression, right? The progressives who are always promoting "tolerance" and "diversity" couldn't be more pleased, right?

Wrong! According to this KTVA Channel 11 report, the name change did not sit well with Anchorage Assembly Member Elvi Gray-Jackson, considered to be one of the "Socialist Six" by KFQD conservative talk show host Dan Fagan. So instead of attending the official Unity Dinner, she'll be attending a competing "True Diversity Dinner", also to be held on September 25th, which has been spontaneously organized in opposition (Note that the Anchorage Press has also published a story on this). "At first, the Mayor wanted to call it all-American dinner and then he changed it to unity and I was planning to go to that event," said Gray-Jackson. "But when I saw that the community came forward and wanted to celebrate Diversity Month and then they called it 'True Diversity', so everyone felt like they could be included, it was easy to make a decision."

KBYR progressive talk show host and blogger Shannyn Moore, whose primary prior claim to fame is as the ex officio arbiter of the proper skirt length for Sarah Palin, also prefers the so-called True Diversity Dinner. "We have the 4th of July, where we say we are all Americans and at the same time you look at the parade and there are all of these different ethnicities because they are proud to be an American. We are already unified in just that fact," said Moore, who will be one of the speakers at the dinner, "But celebrating where we came from and who we are to contribute to a community, that's celebrating our diversity."

Heather Aronno, a co-organizer of the True Diversity Dinner, hints that Mayor Dan Sullivan's veto of Ordinance #64 which would have extended nondiscrimination protection to gays and transgenders, may have influenced her to organize a separate dinner. "It really is a celebration of diversity but at the same time there has been some inconsistencies with his (Mayor Sullivan) politics and policies compared to what he is trying to represent with the Unity Dinner," said Aronno.

But another Assembly Member, Dan Coffey, supports the Mayor's dinner. "It's an expression of the things that bring us together, just like it's important to understand why we are so different in so many ways and I for one, think that is really nice," said Coffey. "I mean, we all live under that flag, we all have rights of citizenships, what is wrong saying we are all Americans, we are all in this vote together."

Mayor Sullivan himself published a statement saying, "People will inevitably speculate about some kind of deeper meaning, but I can assure you that it's just a different way of looking the same issue. As Danny Glover said at the kick-off to Diversity Month, diversity includes diversity of thought. The mayor's perspective might be different from others in the community, but the intent is the same, we are united in our respect and fondness for our community." Thanks to Alaska Commons, we have a YouTube video of the KTVA news story:

The Mayor's Unity dinner will be held at the Hilton at 7 P.M. for $60 per person. More information available on the website. This dinner will be attended by those whose economic and political clout are well-established in the community. These are the type of people who invest, hire, and fire. They define activism as working within the system and running for office rather than spamming state agencies with ethics complaints. They're the type of people who believe assuring a reliable natural gas supply for South Central Alaska is more important than bitching about the logo on the governor's jacket. They reject the un-American notion of group rights. They believe diversity is merely a precursor to a greater, more flexible unity.

The True Diversity dinner will be at the Snow Goose Restaurant at 7 P.M. for $10 per person. More information available on the TrueDiversity blog. The people attending this event champion the un-American concept of group rights, even at the expense of individual rights. They believe diversity should merely be an end goal. You will probably be able to count the number of white people who attend this dinner without using your toes. Considering the number of Democratic hopefuls who are already running for elective office, it will be interesting to see which ones attend this dinner, and which ones attend the real dinner at the Hilton instead.

You might also want to read an interesting post on Diva's Blue Oasis, where Celtic Diva cross-posts a conversation which took place between Kevin Smith and John Aronno, another co-organizer of the True Diversity Dinner. Smith suggests that white heterosexuals don't belong at diversity dinners. Need any more proof that diversity is inherently anti-white?

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  1. Well researched and presented!

    If we can't be unified, then I guess we are diverse.... which, to me, is a way of saying we have to be divided.

    Remember, all of you who think supporting 'true diversity' is a step forward, Patrick Henry's oration: “Let us trust God, and our better judgment to set us right hereafter. United we stand, divided we fall. Let us not split into factions which must destroy that union upon which our existence hangs.”

    The community, the state, the country needs to rethink things.