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Why Fairbanks Residents Should Support Lynette Bergh Over Transgender Advocate Wendy Dominique For Seat B Of The Fairbanks School Board

Update September 21st: Lynette Bergh now has an official campaign website HERE.

It's election season in Fairbanks, Alaska. Candidates are launching campaigns for different offices in both Fairbanks City and the Fairbanks North Star Borough. News story published in the Fairbanks Daily News Miner.

Information about the Fairbanks city election can be found HERE. A list of candidates for the various offices can be found HERE. Seats A and B of the Fairbanks City Council are up for grabs. Only those living within the Fairbanks city limits will see these candidates listed on their ballots.

Information about the Fairbanks North Star Borough election can be found HERE. A list of candidates for the various offices can be found HERE. Up for grabs; the Borough Mayor's seat, Borough Assembly Seats A, F, and G, and School Board Seats A, B, and G. All those living within the boundaries of the borough, including those living in Fairbanks city, will see these candidates listed on their ballots.

Since I live in Anchorage, and don't know too much about these candidates yet, I'm inclined to reserve judgment for the time being. I trust Fairbanks-area residents to research the issues and candidates adequately and choose wisely on October 6th.

However, there's one race I cannot remain silent about. School Board Seat B incumbent Wendy Dominique (pictured at left) is running for re-election, and her return to the school board would be clearly detrimental to the interests of the community. The reason: Back in February 2009, she was one of the school board members who voted in two separate readings, HERE and HERE, to grant statutory protection to transgenders in the Fairbanks North Star Borough School District. As vice-president of the board at the time, she had greater stroke than other board members. Worse yet, Dominique didn't merely vote for the change, but was also an ardent cheerleader for it, as explained in the Fairbanks Daily News-Miner on February 18th:

In a passionate monologue, board member Wendy Dominique’s voice shook as she held back tears while she described her own experience of transferring from an all-black school to a segregated school in sixth grade. “It was the hardest time of my life,” Dominique said. “But my mom always said, ‘no matter what, you have to get your education.’”

Dominique added that despite the recent election of the nation’s first black president, Barack Obama, she felt discrimination is alive and thriving. “We have a lot of ignorant people out there,” she said. “This policy being put into place is a good thing. Every student deserves the right to get an education. I think we’re wrong if we don’t pass this policy because this is something that needs to be put in place — this is not the ’60s anymore. It’s about time we look at every student for who they are and give them an education.”

What a bunch of sappy multicultural drivel! To compare "transgender rights" with racial civil rights is pathetic. And to characterize those who think differently than her as "ignorant" is incredibly arrogant, just like the "Troofers" who've been "gryphening" Sarah Palin with bogus ethics complaints and phony divorce stories from the Star and the National Enquirer. Eagle Forum Alaska's Debbie Joslin fired back on February 20th in an opinion piece in the News-Miner, contending that the board placed a stamp of approval on students questioning their gender identity, and expressing concern that it would encourage students to question their gender identity and foster confusion in the minds of our children. An index of previous News-Miner stories about Wendy Dominique can be found HERE.

Fortunately, Fairbanks voters have a solid alternative to Wendy Dominique. A conservative political activist named Lynette Bergh (pictured at left with Palin) decided to jump into the race against Wendy Dominique at the last minute. Bergh now has an official campaign website HERE, and a Facebook page HERE.

Most of the information I found out about Lynette Bergh is posted on the 2012 Draft Sarah Committee website. Bergh is listed as the Fairbanks Organizer and Parliamentarian for the 2012 DSC. Here's a brief bio of Bergh from the site:

Lynette was born in Chicago, IL and attended Christian schools throughout high school. She learned to stand up for her conservative principles in the midst of the Daley machine. She attended Northeastern Illinois University for a short time and then transferred to the University of California to continue her studies. There she earned two BAs, a Master’s degree, and bilingual teaching certificates for grades K-12. She taught in public schools at several grade levels within 3 California counties. Currently, she is teaching online graduate courses in education.

Several years ago, Lynette moved to Alaska with her husband, Tom. Although a strong conservative and active Republican supporter throughout her life, Lynette became re-energized in the Republican Party when Sarah Palin was chosen to be the Vice-Presidential candidate. She contacted the Chairman of the McCain/Palin Alaska Campaign and volunteered to serve as the area chair for the campaign in the Greater Fairbanks, AK area.

Lynette had the honor of meeting with Governor Sarah Palin privately in February ’09 and then sat with her at the Head table at a Fairbanks Republican Women’s event. She is a vocal and active supporter of Sarah and has been affectionately nicknamed a “Palinista” by the locals.

Lynette is passionate, active, and proactive about the cause of moving our country back to conservative values and principles. Drafting Sarah to run for office in 2012 is at the forefront of her goals.

Apparently Lynette Bergh is highly regarded within the community. Adrienne, the editor of the MotivationTruth blog, met Lynette Bergh for the first time on July 3rd and said that Lynette is a great spark with a wonderful disposition. She considered it an honor to meet her, and had great conversation and laughs and took some pictures. More support for Bergh is expressed on the HardStarboard blog. And in May 2009, Lynette Bergh was among three officially recognized by the North Star Borough for their efforts in the North Pole Senior community and borough for creating a program that provides free identification cards for seniors in case of an emergency.

Lynette Bergh is clearly ready for prime time and she's well equipped to replace Wendy Dominique on October 6th.

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  1. "stand up for her conservative principles in the midst of the Daley machine"??? She didn't give a damn about politics back then. I doubt she does now. Like most politicos, it's all about self-promotion at the expense of others. Why was she fired from her post as Director of the Adult Ed program?