Friday, August 14, 2009

Robert Gum And Deanna Scaglione Launch Unprovoked Attack On Alaska Native Man In Downtown Anchorage, Arrested After Cops Found Video

Update September 9th 2010: Robert Gum and Deanna Scaglione sentenced to Federal prison for attack on Alaska Native. Title of this post also changed since it was revealed that Robert Gum is not technically "white" since he has Native relatives and because Deanna Powers is now known as Deanna Scaglione. Updated post HERE.

Update December 19th: Feds stick their noses into the case, file Federal hate crime charges; updated post HERE.

A young white couple have been arrested in Anchorage, for attacking an Alaska Native man, throwing eggs at him and kicking him, and uttering racial slurs in what appears to have been a racially motivated assault. To add insult to injury, they filmed the attack and posted the video on YouTube (video since taken down). Media stories from the Anchorage Daily News and KTUU Channel 2.

The precise date of the attack was not disclosed, but it took place shortly before August 5th. The individuals, identified as 19-year-old Robert Gum and 20-year-old Deanna Powers, accosted the Native man, now identified as Eddie Barr, on the streets of downtown Anchorage. They confronted him, threw eggs and water bottles at him, then pushed and kicked him, while allegedly uttering racial slurs. One of the assailants was filming the assault.

The Native man did not fight back. He just asked to be left alone, and even held out his hand offering to shake the hands of his assailants. Finally, they broke off the attack and left. Barr was apparently not injured badly; he did not report the attack or seek treatment afterwards. It took some time to track him down after detectives saw the video. Since that time, Barr has courageously chosen to forgive his attackers.

And it was the video that gave the attackers away. On August 5th, police got a tip that the video existed. They began a joint investigation with the FBI, and soon tracked down the perpetrators, who were arrested and booked into the Anchorage Jail on August 13th. They are being preliminarily charged with assault and harassment, both fourth degree misdemeanors, and bail has been set at $500 for Powers and $1,000 for Gum (who also would require a third party custodian). The surprisingly low bail probably reflects the relatively weak charges lodged against them; if they were being charged with felonies, bail would undoubtedly be higher. Powers has since bailed out; Gum remains in jail. Maximum penalties for each if convicted would be one year in jail and a $10,000 fine.

While the Alaska Court System database indicates no prior record for Deanna Powers, the same cannot be said for Robert Gum (who's also listed as Robert Bruce Eddie Gum). Here's his prior pedigree:

-- 3AN-08-08333CR, 7/25/2008, minor consuming alcohol
-- 3AN-08-02434CI, 8/12/2008, accused of stalking another man
-- 3AN-08-12672CR, 11/7/2008, repeat minor consuming alcohol, probation/parole violation.

The last time we had such an overt incident in Anchorage was in 2001, when three young white men drove around downtown Anchorage shooting frozen paintballs at Alaska Natives. The ringleader, Charles Deane Wiseman, pleaded no contest on July 23rd, 2001 and was sentenced August 31st to six months imprisonment, plus a $6,000 fine, plus 300 hours community service. The punishment of the two juveniles was not disclosed.

Comments posted to the media stories show considerable community outrage and disgust. Many are appalled at the low bail. The bail is probably correlated with the severity of the charge. However, some commenters show their political correctness; some want the Feds to take over the case and push for a felony hate crime prosecution. This would be a mistake; it might generate a backlash of sympathy for the two perps, and we don't need the Feds cleaning up our messes. Besides, many Alaskans look upon the Federal government as the enemy, particularly since the railroading of former Senator Ted Stevens.

Deanna Powers was obviously along for the ride. A misdemeanor charge in her case would be sufficient. If found guilty, she could do a short stretch in jail, then community service at the Alaska Native Heritage Center or some other similar venue to expose her to Native culture in more depth.

But Robert Gum is the "heavy" here. Gum has a prior record and an alcohol problem. His charges need to be bumped up to felony assault. If convicted, he should get a sentence similar to that given to Charles Wiseman back in 2001. Using racialism as protective cover for personal hooliganism is inexcusable, and undercuts the efforts of genuine White racialist activists like Dr. David Duke, Jared Taylor, John Ubele, and Alex Linder to purge hate from the White racialist lobby. People like Robert Gum reinforce negative biases and stereotypes against Whites, and provide grist for the propaganda mills of genuine anti-White hate groups like the ADL and the SPLC.


  1. it's jerks like Duke that encourage this sort of attack, the only reason you are calling these two numbskulls "twits" is because they were caught...something the likes of Duke discourages...never get caught acting like the creep you are...ain't that so Loerbs?


  2. these two are more like whiggers than whites anyway.fuck em both they acted like niggers not whites and their actions prove it. and to the idiot misusing the name valkyrie and making ignorant anti white hate statements about duke needs to shut the fuck up! and don't forget the white kids who paintballed the natives also paint balled whites, but only the natives sniveled and whined about it. the fuckin pussies.

  3. What about lynchings and cross burnings ?

    You're cool with all that, right ?

    Right, Carl ?

  4. Did you see the KTUU report Carl ?

    The one where the victim says that he forgives these two ?

    What say you Carl ?

    Whitey didn't do you proud today, eh ?

  5. I was just in prison with this a$$hole and well after I heard what he did I told everyone in there and most of the native people in there got a hold of him. He got let out on bail and well he is again prowling the streets and still saying that "Natives are just a bunch of listerine drinking retards." I really disaprove of his actions and his words. He really should be locked up because I find this kinda verbal abuse offencive to my people.

  6. you people dont even know robert gum. he has sisters who are native and a girlfriend, his dad is native. he is not a hateful person. he was just out trying to have fun. not once did he mock natives or yell racial things at the man. robert may have been stupid but is changing now.

  7. I'am native american, I'am a friend of robert gum have been for the last 9 years, i dont know why he did what he did but all i have to say is he doesnt deserve any of this. Its wrong to verbally and physically hurt someone yes but also wanting it to a person and starting problems just doesnt resolve anything. Its lame that robert may not be allowed to come back to alaska where he has his own life, PEOPLE CAN CHANGE AND I KNOW ROBERT alcohol took over he has a kind energetic heart!