Monday, August 03, 2009

Planned Parenthood Of Alaska Seeks To Abort Proposed Parental Consent Voter Initiative To Restrict Abortion For Teenage Girls

The Left likes to rhapsodize about how much they allegedly "champion" democracy. They act like democracy was handed down on stone tablets at the very foot of Mount Sinai itself. And that works out great - so long as you agree with them. But dare to disagree with them, and they immediately seek to use the judicial system to strangle "your" democracy in the crib. Or more precisely, before it even comes out of the womb, in this case.

On Friday July 31st, 2009, Planned Parenthood of Alaska, in tandem with a designated sockpuppet, Bartlett High School teacher Susan Wingrove, announced that they have filed suit in Anchorage Superior Court to block a proposed voter initiative that would make it illegal for minors to get abortions without notifying a parent. The plaintiffs claim that the state should not have certified the initiative because of legal technicalities and because it misleads the public. The most complete story on this development was published on July 31st by the Anchorage Daily News; additional original coverage by KTVA Channel 11.

How does it mislead the public? In two ways, according to the plaintiffs. First, they believe the language in the initiative gives voters the wrong impression, suggesting it is just minor tweaks to an existing law "rather than making clear that the Initiative is abolishing rights currently afforded to the citizens of Alaska who are minors". Second, they believe the initiative also fails to make it clear that violating the law would be a felony, and that the physician, not the teen, would be required to tell parents. Clover Simon, the head of Planned Parenthood Alaska, got even more specific. "The Alaska constitution has very specific rules about what a citizens initiative can and can't do," said Simon. "And one of those rules is that it cannot create court rules. We feel like we owe anyone who is going to vote on this issue should have a very clear and legal law to vote on and this does not meet those requirements." But in reality, these intellectual snobs don't consider the public competent to make such a decision at the ballot box; instead, they prefer elitist judicial dictatorship. In principle, they are opposed to any pro-life ballot measures.

The proposed initiative, designated 09PIMA, is posted on the Alaska Division of Elections website and can be viewed HERE in PDF format. It includes a provision to bypass the parents in the case of verified parental abuse. The application was certified by then-Lt. Gov. Sean Parnell on July 2nd, 2009. Petition booklets were ready for distribution on July 13th, and the booklets were issued on July 20th, 2009. The one year filing deadline for this petition is July 13th, 2010. Nearly 33,000 signatures of the petitions will be needed to put this initiative on the ballot; the Alaska Family Council is taking the lead in promoting the petition campaign.

In reaction to Planned Parenthood's suit, Loren Leman, one of the initiative sponsors, said "These people are desperate. They would deny the people of Alaska the opportunity to participate in the initiative process." Leman also said the proposed law is common sense and that parents need to know what is going on in their children's lives.

The Alaska Family Council's Jim Minnery echoed Leman's assessment, but also weighed in on the initiative itself. He said their initiative would only require someone familiar with the girl's living situation to tell the doctor her parents are abusive and they could go ahead with the procedure. "It's such a tiny, tiny percentage of underage kids that get pregnant that come from an abusive or violent home," Minnery said. "And of course we are aware of that and have done everything possible to protect those kids."

Necessitating the initiative is the fact that Alaska's parental consent law was struck down by the Alaska Supreme Court in November 2007. In addition, HB35, a parental notification bill introduced by Rep. John Coghill (R-North Pole) during the 2009 session, did not succeed. Although it passed in the House, it subsequently stalled in the Senate thanks to Sen. Bettye Davis' obstructionism. Senator Davis (D-East Anchorage), who chairs the Health Committee, claimed the bill needed "more work".

With the pro-choice lobbies, the judiciary, and the legislature all working to one degree or another against parental consent, the ballot initiative is the only effective means left. Keep an eye on the Alaska Family Council website for information as to when and where petitions will be deployed.

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