Saturday, August 01, 2009

Hawaii Coach Greg McMackin Suspended For 30 Days Without Pay And Salary Docked An Extra 7 Percent For Merely Uttering The Word "Faggot" In Public

Want to know what an gay anti-discrimination ordinance could lead to in Anchorage, Alaska? Look no further than Honolulu, Hawaii. While I didn't check to see if Honolulu actually has such an ordinance, the University of Hawaii has acted like there is one.

According to the Honolulu Star-Bulletin (which includes a link to a Topix Forum thread), the University of Hawaii has sanctioned their head football coach, Greg McMackin, for uttering the word "faggot" three times during a press conference held during a Western Athletic Conference (WAC) preview in Salt Lake City on July 30th. The transcript of the press conference can be viewed HERE. But McMackin didn't direct any abuse against the gay community. Instead, he merely referred to a portion of a Notre Dame pep rally as "a faggot dance".

But the intent didn't matter to the University of Hawaii. The school's brain trust immediately launched an inquisition against the coach, and ran him through the politically-correct mill, despite the lack of any outcry from the local gay community. When the smoke cleared, here were the penalties assessed against McMackin:

-- Thirty-day suspension without pay. McMackin will remain with the team during that span on a voluntary basis
-- Seven percent pay cut, called "voluntary" by athletic director Jim Donovan, to match Donovan's own salary decrease. Part of this money will support a new Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender student intern, who will conduct campus-wide awareness training workshops
-- Must have personal participation in LGBT activities on UH-Manoa campus
-- Must give a public service announcement on hurtful words
-- Must give presentations during student orientations
-- Must support awareness/sensitivity training in UH athletics

This is a complete humiliation of and surrender by McMackin. Not only is McMackin being required to fork over salary, but to add insult to injury, the salary will be given directly to gay causes. In addition, he will be forced to personally become a cheerleader for organized faggotry.

This is so Orwellian. A country that encourages this type of oppression is not only wrong, but evil. Under Clinton, Bush II, and now socialist dictator Barack Hussein Obama, America has progressed from being merely an immoral nation to an evil nation. Worse yet, there is no KGB rampaging about enforcing via compulsion; this is being done voluntarily by America's political, academic, and economic elite. That is what makes political correctness actually evil rather than merely immoral.

Hawaii Athletic Director Jim Donovan said he didn't think McMackin had slept at all since his gaffe. "I think what Coach McMackin is coming from is that he's really hurt inside because he hurt other people," Donovan said. "I know he's going to work hard to work with and reach out to the gay and lesbian community here on campus. But I also believe — he saw Brashton Satele [a linebacker] this morning — and Brashton said, 'I have your back.' And that meant an awful lot to him and he doesn't want to do anything to harm the team and the players. I think that will allow him to refocus on football."

McMackin, who entered the press conference battling his emotions, stared solemnly as Donovan laid out the disciplinary action. Then McMackin attempted to hold back tears as he read a brief statement. "I just made a big mistake," McMackin said. "I apologize to everyone and anyone I offended. I'm committed to do whatever I can as a life lesson to learn from my mistake. When we make mistakes, we have to learn from it and make better people of ourselves. ... (I'm) sorry I said something so hurtful and I am so remorseful."

McMackin added that "I offended the gay and lesbian community and now I want to work with the LGBT community on campus to use this as a teachable moment for me and hopefully others." At that point, McMackin broke down and struggled to finish. "(I am) very pained and disappointed in myself," he continued. "I hope to make up for some of the pain ... I made a mistake and now I have to show the leadership in dealing with both the football program and building respect for all people in our community."

What a pathetic, maudlin spectacle.

The punishment imposed by the university does not preclude the possibility of additional punishment to be piled on by the Western Athletic Conference, although WAC officials stated they would wait to see how the university reacted. As for Notre Dame, coach Charlie Weis released a statement saying his team was "offended" about McMackin's comments but that, "We accept his apology and we will move on."

And how are local people reacting? KITV Channel 4 is conducting an "unscientific" poll asking people what should happen to Coach McMackin. Here are the results from 261 respondents so far:

Nothing: 44 percent
Sensitivity Training: 23 percent
Fine: 9 percent
Suspension: 5 percent
Firing: 19 percent

Another poll conducted by KHON Channel 2 shows that 69.0 percent think the punishment too harsh, 21.4 percent consider it fair, and only 9.5 percent consider it not enough. A poll of 1,056 respondents (so far) conducted by KGMB Channel 9 shows 47.5 percent think the punishment too harsh, 32.6 percent consider it insufficient, and 19.9 percent consider it fair.

It looks like many respondents still think like Americans. Many are utterly appalled by the draconian jackbooted response by the university. But what's even more disturbing is that one out of every five respondents on the KITV poll think like socialists, saying that McMackin should be fired. Only in socialist countries are people fired from their jobs for political reasons. Other local stories in the Honolulu Advertiser, on KITV Channel 4, on KHON Channel 2, and on KGMB Channel 9 (videos embedded below).

This is video from the 3:30 p.m. press conference Friday afternoon at the University of Hawaii.

The University of Hawaii has shamed and embarrassed itself, and has exposed itself as a neo-Stalinist citadel of political orthodoxy before the entire nation. Hawaiians should be ashamed of their school.


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