Monday, July 27, 2009

Sean Parnell Now Governor Of Alaska, But Sarah Palin Delivers A Fiery Farewell Speech Before 5,000 In Fairbanks

It's now official. Sean Parnell was sworn in as Governor of Alaska on July 26th, 2009 during a farewell picnic for Sarah Palin in Fairbanks before a crowd estimated at 5,000. He becomes the tenth person to serve as Governor since statehood (two governors have served two non-consecutive terms, so Wikipedia lists 12 separate gubernatorial administrations). Only a handful of anti-Palin protesters showed up. Primary Alaska media story links posted below:

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Parnell, who had been lieutenant governor during the past two-and-half years, effusively praised Palin for leading with integrity and vision, for restoring trust, and for exemplifying honor and decency. He said he would stay the course on major issues like the proposed natural gas pipeline. He called for limited state spending but said he also wanted to work on domestic violence and school dropout issues. His two major issues will be the economy and families.

On the economy: “In our urban communities, businesses are stretched. … We will position Alaska for investment and for growth. … State government is going to do this by maintaining a stable tax regime. And we should not be nickel-and-diming Alaskans for a few more cents at the pump by increasing fuel taxes.” Parnell also discussed at length the need to create more favorable conditions for the establishment and growth of small business.

On families: "Here's my vision for our families: I want Alaska to be a place where every child has a safe home or a safe home to go to. I want Alaska to be a place where every child has the right to earn his or her way to college or job training ...and I will assure that Alaska continues to help the neediest among us, whether younger or elder, from public or private resources".

Parnell kept it plain vanilla and tossed no "red meat" to the crowd during his speech, which can be viewed in its entirety on the embedded video below:

The "red meat" was provided by Palin during her speech. The full text of Palin's speech can be read on Thomas Lamb's blog; here are some excerpts: “What the rest of America gets to see, along with us, is in this last frontier there is hope and opportunity, and there is country pride,” Palin said. “And it is our men and women in uniform securing it. We are facing tough challenges in America, with some seeming to just be hell-bent maybe on tearing down our nation, perpetuating some pessimism and suggesting, American apologetics, suggesting that maybe our best days were yesterdays".

She also took on the media and its role in democracy. “So how about, in honor of the American soldier, you quit making things up,” Palin shot back, as the crowd went wild. “One other thing for the media. Our new governor has a very nice family too — so leave his kids alone.” And she also took a well-deserved shot at Hollywood, lashing out against "anti-hunting, anti-Second Amendment circuses from Hollywood" that use "delicate, tiny celebrity starlets" to push their cause. "Hollywood needs to know -- we eat, therefore, we hunt," said Palin. Watch Palin's entire speech on the two videos embedded below:

Sean Parnell is not exactly Mr. Excitement. One would never get him confused with the late Billy Mays. But his quiet competence may be what Alaska needs right now - a timeout from the relentless drama that started last July and has continued nonstop, fueled by a handful of extremists who sought to impose impossible standards of accountability upon Sarah Palin. The crowds at the three picnics showed that the majority of Alaskans still supported Palin, but, with the primary exception of Eddie Burke, were drowned out by anti-American progressives on the left, as well as some representing the corporate right. Hopefully the Palin family will judge Alaska by the supportive majority rather than by malcontents like Shannyn Moore and Dan Fagan.


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  2. Pauly in Palmer2/23/2010 7:30 PM

    Palin sucked. Glad she quit to go enrich herself.