Thursday, July 16, 2009

Perennial Alaska Political Candidate Daniel DeNardo Dies Virtually Unnoticed; No Family Member Or Close Associate Has Claimed The Body So Far

Anchorage Daily News reporter Julia O'Malley has re-kindled the art of in-depth, incisive reporting which has been frequently missing at 1001 Northway Drive since current State Rep. Mike Doogan was once a columnist there. Though I don't always agree with her politics, O'Malley's content is always worth reading. O'Malley is the daughter of current Anchorage Assemblywoman Sheila Selkregg, but has carved out a separate, and increasingly successful niche for herself.

And on July 16th, 2009, O'Malley informs us in a lengthy column that perennial political candidate Daniel DeNardo passed on at Providence Medical Center, apparently as a result of leukemia, at the age of 62 - back on June 28th. Why didn't we know this earlier? Because no one has claimed DeNardo's body. Apparently he had no family members or close relatives in Alaska. Or perhaps he had no relationships with any others sufficiently close to motivate them to take a continuing interest in his welfare. However, in another post, O'Malley now discloses that one person has taken an interest in DeNardo's welfare - 83-year-old Pat Thompson. And Cliff Groh confirms that DeNardo has no immediate family - they are all deceased.

DeNardo was a bright, articulate and erudite individual who was involved in frequent litigation and even argued cases before the Alaska Supreme Court in 2002 and again in 2007. But he also used electoral politics as a form of political advocacy, having run unsuccessfully for mayor of Anchorage in 2003, for the U.S. Senate in 2004, and for governor in 2006. Most recently in 2008, he ran unsuccessfully for the House District 31 seat in Anchorage currently occupied by Bob Lynn.

The first time I ever saw Daniel DeNardo was in 2003 during the televised mayoral debates. I remember that he brought out his map showing the "Soviet occupation of Alaska". While I was intrigued by his implicit claim that Russia's renunciation of Communism might be a ruse, I considered his overall claim a bit excessive, since the only part of Alaska that seemed "Soviet-occupied" was Anchorage Assembly chambers. I then personally met him at a mayoral candidate forum at the Loussac Library the same year, when he was also expounding upon the dangers of Zionism.

With the passage of time, DeNardo grew even more ultraconservative and veered further to the right. Roycebits, who lives in House District 31, documented DeNardo's biography from page 110 of the 2008 Official General Election Pamphlet Region II (50M PDF) from the State of Alaska Division of Elections. Here's an excerpt:


I study the creation and impact of the Luciferian Marxist-Leninist Dialectical Sovietism that is the most encompassing secular historical force controlling every incorporated political party; the world's exchange systems based on perpetual indentured slavery through interest bearing irredeemable security obligations, i.e. federal reserve notes; Law Merchant advisory panels masquerading as 'juries'; bar associations composed strictly of card carrying Kommunist Komrade Kriminals acting in Alaska under the Alaska Supreme Soviet in conjunction with Soviet counterparts in NKVD through the Khabarovsk-Alaska Collectivization Project; and state sponsored Kriminal Globalism's "perpetual War for perpetual peace".

1990 Soviet-Alaska Maritime Boundary Treaty transferred part of the Aleutian Chain back to the Soviet Union allowing Soviet military occupational of Alaska for 48 hours before rendering notice.

Soviet controlled Conoco-Phillips/British Petroleum are expanding in Alaska with Soviet military intelligence (GRU) controlled Gazprom. Treaty created Pebble project is another aspect of Soviet Perestroika-Glasnost deception/strategy of state sponsored Kapitalist terrorism.

Luciferian Marxist-Leninist Dialectical Sovietism??? Most encompassing secular historical force??? Now you know why he became marginalized. Unfortunately, embedded within that hyperbole is a lot of truth about the behind-the-scenes manipulation of both major political parties, as well as the Federal Reserve Corporation and international finance. DeNardo also failed to articulate how Communism survived and is thriving in the West culturally via political correctness, anti-racism, forced diversity and multiculturalism, environmentalism, and "New Urbanism". Many of Sarah Palin's most extreme critics are proponents of cultural Marxism; they call themselves "progressives". DeNardo could have made a real impact had he discussed that issue rather than serve up gobbledy-gook about "Luciferian Marxist-Leninist Dialectical Sovietism".

Unlike other candidates, Daniel DeNardo chose to use YouTube as his official candidate website, and provided a number of videos on a wide variety of subjects. DeNardo wised up early to the deficiencies of AGIA, before Exxon stepped in to salvage it, and made a couple of videos critical of AGIA and Sarah Palin. These videos are embedded in my previous post on DeNardo. DeNardo was also a critic of current U.S. Senator Mark Begich; as an insider, DeNardo exposed Begich's machinations involving the Alaska Student Loan Corporation. He claims that as a result of Begich's involvement, 27,000 Alaska students were overcharged interest on their loans. Begich has never, to my knowledge, addressed this issue publicly. DeNardo's video on this subject would seem like a suitable memorial to him, and so I present it below:

A follow-up video by DeNardo on this subject can be viewed HERE.

Official reaction to the death of Daniel DeNardo has been scanty. Alaska Independence Party Chair Lynette Clark brushed it off, saying "He is? Well, there’s a burr out from under AIP’s saddle." DeNardo claimed membership in the AIP, and they found his membership inconvenient.

However, Rep. Bob Lynn (or at least someone who posted under his name) reacted a bit more charitably in this comment posted to O'Malley's story:

boblynn wrote on 07/16/2009 02:51:37 AM:
I agree with AKlvr that Daniel DeNardo was an "intriguing and tragic character." I only knew of Mr. DeNardo from brief political encounters. On all those occasions, he was very much a gentleman. I didn't know we were both Vietnam veterans. I wouldn't want to speculate that DeNardo's problems were necessarily a result of his service in Vietnam. My observation is that Vietnam helped make the good better, and the bad worse.

Daniel DeNardo must have been a very lonely man - lonely in life because his belief system distanced him from people, and lonely in worldly death for the same reason. Loneliness certainly didn't help alleviate whatever condition DeNardo suffered from. Perhaps Mr. DeNardo has taught us all a lesson. For one thing, people are more important than "politics.

While I can't verify that the comment was actually posted by Rep. Lynn, it is fully in keeping with his customary professional and classy rhetoric. Other supportive comments have also been posted.

Since Daniel DeNardo is an honorably discharged veteran, it would seem like he could be buried for free at any veterans' cemetery in the United States. The problem, as I see it, is in getting someone to claim the body and initiate the process. However, proof of service, which is only in DeNardo's possession, must be provided, so someone would have to gain access to his personal effects to get the documentation. Daniel DeNardo deserves at least a military burial. It looks like the aforementioned Pat Thompson is taking an interest in this issue and will talk to her church, St. Nicholas of Myrna Byzantine Catholic, about raising money for his burial.


  1. At least he wasn't a sick racist fuck like some people around here.

  2. nothing wrong with loving your race as that is all a being a racist means anyway. and all races love their own so all races are racist.
    he was spot on as zionists do control our country, our media and our banks, the left wing liberals are socialist commies while the right wing neo cons are zionist Marxists. both parties do what is best for their masters in tel a viv before they do what is best for america. thats a fact many are slowly waking up to.

  3. Mark Anderson SLC UT7/17/2009 3:37 PM

    Dan was a friend of mine in the late 70s.I moved from the state and did not stay in touch with him and am sorry for it.He was a good man and neighbor.May he rest in peace and foregive those who could not be open minded enough to see facts when they are brought into light

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  5. I worked with Dan about a year ago.. he was a great guy. I had no idea he was sick... I heard from someone on the train yesterday that he had died. I was shocked. Rest in peace Dan, you will be missed...