Saturday, July 18, 2009

Observing The 40th Anniversary Of Apollo 11: Buzz Aldrin's Classical Response To Those Who Think The July 1969 Moon Landing Was Fake

Forty years ago this month, one of the most incredible achievements in human history took place when humans stepped on the moon for the first time. On July 16th, 1969, Apollo 11 lifted off, carrying Mission Commander Neil Armstrong, Command Module Pilot Michael Collins, and Lunar Module Pilot Edwin Eugene 'Buzz' Aldrin Jr., and on July 20th, it landed on the moon, where Armstrong and Aldrin disembarked while Collins orbited overhead. The Telegraph actually has a whole page of links to different stories about Apollo 11 and other moon landings.

Yet incredibly, many people believe the moon landing is a hoax. According to Taragana, 25 percent of Brits believe it was fake (Americans aren't quite so gullible; only six percent question the authenticity of the moon landings). Some can be quite persistent - in particular, filmmaker Bart Sibrel, who persistently stalked Buzz Aldrin during the earlier part of this decade. Sibrel operates a video production company in Nashville and has made a career out of perpetuating the notion that NASA's Apollo moon missions were hoaxes. He tried to get Aldrin to swear on a Bible that he had really been on the moon. And on September 9th, 2002, the 6-foot-2, 250-pound Sibrel forced Aldrin up against a wall, called him a coward and a liar, and refused to let him leave.

So Buzz Aldrin gave Sibrel his just desserts, as recorded in this classical video:

Note that Sibrel was a professional stalker who wouldn't leave Aldrin alone, and not just some ordinary member of the public. This explains Aldrin's reaction. And this is how you deal with stalkers.

Here's the actual footage of the moon walk:

A July 17th, 2009 CNN report gives an overview about why some people believe the moon landings were faked, and the rebuttals put forth by NASA and others involved in the program. One article published July 14th, 2009 in the Telegraph spells out ten common objections by the "Lunar Deniers". However, National Geographic has just published eight new photos which rebut the Lunar Deniers and show that the moon landings were possible - and did occur. NASA has also just released enhanced videos of the moon landings.

Perhaps one reason why the Lunar Deniers gained a foothold in public consciousness is because we diverted space exploration from moon landings to the shuttle. The reasoning was logical; we were preparing to put up a permanent space station, and we wanted to develop and perfect transport and re-supply capability. But the space shuttle program never captured the imagination of the public as the moon landing did. Furthermore, increased budget deficits and a growing national debt, fueled by America's military imperialism and creeping socialism, led people to question whether the expenditures on space exploration was worthwhile. Many Americans began to believe it was more important to spend money on military adventures abroad for the sake of nation-building and peacekeeping rather than national defense, and to spend money at home to achieve the unattainable goal of equal outcome in the social arena. In addition, we also transitioned from a production economy which created wealth to a parasitical bubble economy which merely transfers wealth, further exacerbating our growing debt.

Here's one new fact we've learned about the moon landing. On July 4th, 2009, a report of a recently-declassified recording shows that a Russian spacecraft landed on the moon hours before Apollo 11. According to a recording that has now been declassified by the Jodrell Bank Observatory, astronomer Sir Bernard Lovell’s radio telescope, which was hidden in the archives until recently, shows the Russian craft orbiting the moon and crash-landing onto its surface at 15:50 on July 21, just a few hours before Apollo 11 lifted off.

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