Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Former U.S. House Republican Candidate Gabrielle LeDoux Files To Run Against Democrat Pete Petersen For The House District 19 Seat In Anchorage

The Anchorage Daily News Alaska Politics blog informs us that former House District 36 Rep. Gabrielle LeDoux (R-Kodiak), who finished third in the Republican U.S. House primary race behind Don Young and Sean Parnell in 2008, has moved to Anchorage and has filed to challenge House District 19 incumbent Rep. Pete Petersen (D-Anchorage Muldoon). LeDoux chose not to run for re-election to the Kodiak seat in order to concentrate fully on her U.S. House campaign. Towards the end of her campaign, she earned the grudging respect of Don Young.

LeDoux bared her soul during an interview on KMXT 100.1 FM in Kodiak. She says she's impressed by the economic and racial diversity of the Muldoon area. But much more importantly, she says she can help bridge the urban-rural divide in the state by bringing a rural perspective to the constituents of the Muldoon district. LeDoux did not put forth any specific criticism of Rep. Petersen at this time. It looks like she'll be resurrecting her old campaign website HERE. Some historical background information on LeDoux is available on the AKRepublicans website.

Gabrielle LeDoux has a reputation for being a moderate Republican. According to my previous post on Gabrielle LeDoux, she has previously expressed concern about the safety of the proposed Pebble Mine, despite the fact that the mine's construction would create 2,000 jobs, and, once in operation, the mine would require 1,000 workers for its 40- to 70-year life, in addition to providing some needed diversification of a Bristol Bay economy skewed towards fishing, and, to a lesser degree, tourism. “I can no longer advocate for letting the permit process run its course on Pebble Mine,” LeDoux was previously quoted as saying. It will be interesting to see how representing an Anchorage district would affect her position on this issue.

LeDoux has also expressed some concern about Alaska's earthquake vulnerability and the state's ability to respond to such disasters. She discussed those concerns at length in a letter to the Sitka News back in September 2005, promoting the Alaska Seismic Hazards Safety Commission. In addition, LeDoux has also been a passionate advocate of "Safe Surrender" legislation, which would allow a woman to surrender her newborn baby to a cop, a firefighter, or a hospital without fear of legal retaliation,

Kodiak Konfidential, who is Kodiak's most prolific blogger, has not weighed in on this specific development yet, but you can read his previous posts on LeDoux HERE for more background through his "filter". He has a left-of-center political perspective. Eagle Forum Alaska does not consider LeDoux to be a social conservative.

With the name recognition built up during her U.S. House campaign, it won't take long for Gabrielle LeDoux to shift into full campaign mode. She will do well against Petersen, and perhaps defeat him. But it would be a close race; there's no controversy associated with Pete Petersen at this time.

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