Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Andree McLeod Reveals That Her "Ethics Jihad" Against Sarah Palin Has Put Her In Debt

Update August 3rd: Found some additional background information on Andree McLeod that might be of interest. Source appears reputable; information posted in green below.

In all the hubbub over Sarah Palin's resignation, a news report sneaked in under the radar that I don't think many people noticed. Not even the eagle-eyed Conservatives4Palin, who knows what Sarah Palin has for breakfast, lunch, and dinner each and every day of the year, managed to catch it (at the time of this original post).

On July 15th, 2009, KTVA Channel 11 aired a rarity - a news video interview with chief Palin critic Andree McLeod. Since we haven't seen many of these, I thought I'd post it on here as well. During the interview, McLeod makes it clear that while she considers the resignation of Palin a good thing, her ethics jihad will not stop with Palin's departure. She intends to continue holding the state government "accountable" (which undoubtedly means more ethics complaints). In fact, McLeod actually filed two ethics complaints after this video was made; one has already been dismissed.

But at the 1:40 mark of the video, I found out something else very few people knew.

YouTube version of video available HERE.

Yes, Andree McLeod has been so driven by this crusade that she has spent herself into personal indebtedness. She would not reveal how much she's spent. This is truly the mark of obsession.

There are many issues worth risking fortune, liberty, and even life over. Many people take these types of risks daily. But ethics? Come on, this is nitnoid stuff. Does it really matter whether state officials send official e-mails on Yahoo or not? Does it really matter what logo appears on the Governor's jacket? Will any of this have an impact upon the size of our PFD checks or the size of the Constitutional Budget Reserve? Absolutely not.

It's too bad Andree McLeod can't redirect her tenacity towards an issue that matters.

Update August 3rd: Conservatives4Palin finally picked this up, and directs us to Tammy Swofford's blog, where additional background information on Andree McLeod is posted. Here's the pertinent part:

The Who? is Andrée Marie Kindirgi McLeod. She is of Armenian descent and was born in Beirut, Lebanon, on July 28, 1955. She is the daughter of Armand and Jeannette (Beregiklian) Kendirgi. She has two brothers, Alain Kendrigi (1952) and Antoine Kendirgi (1957). The family emigrated to the U.S. in 1963. She graduated from Ralph J. Osgood High School in Kings Park, NY, in 1973 and married Patrick M. McLeod in January 1982. Their son was born that December. She lives in Anchorage (in a house owned by her parents) and is now divorced.


What makes me think she would be a political climber, gaining any foothold she could secure? During her 2004 run for the State House, the now defunct VECO donated at least $1,700 to her campaign. The donor names include Bill Allen and Rick Smith. You'll remember them from the Corrupt Bastards Club trial of former Senator Ted Stevens. Why would a powerful oil company/palm greaser donate anything to this unproven candidate, unless there was a prior agreement? Makes you wonder.

When another Good Old Boy, incumbent Frank Murkowski, ran against Palin for governor, McLeod campaigned for him. After all, he had appointed her to the Dept. of Labor's Workforce Investment Board. It is said that she used office materials and on-duty time to distribute campaign materials. (Ethics violation?) When Murky lost to Palin in the primary, McLeod switched camps. Palin beat Dem Tony Knowles in the general, and it didn't take long for A-Mac to come asking for a job, to no avail. Give Palin credit for vetting her appointees.

Swofford also states that one reason why the Municipality of Anchorage ixnayed McLeod's falafel cart is because a neighbor saw it in her back yard and testified it was unsanitary.


  1. She's like any other mental midget that obsesses over other people...kind of like you and the Jews even though you are one yourself.


  2. Wait a second, are you implying that the size of the PFD check is important, or is that snark ?

    I would think that you'd be one of the first lining up to do away with the PFD

  3. McLeod, Biegel, Tompkins, Devon, Moore, Henning, and all the rest are in serious need of mental health treatment.

  4. Thanks, Andree McLeod.

    You've proven how "deranged" you and the rest of your kind in Alaska have become.

    Good for you NOW.

    May God forgive your lying souls!

    [Oops ... didn't I hear that Democrats are now worshipping the Alinsky (read: Lucifer) Creation in the White House?]

  5. Perosnally, I hope the stinking bit*h becomes homeless. The Ethics Law needs to be changed to include a massive fine and jail time to anyone who files to complaints that are dismissed. Mc(c-word)leod (or whatever its name is) is NOT going broke. You can bet that the DNC is paying her thousands for each complaint she files. You just have to locate the money.....

  6. "..I don't think many people noticed..."

    Guess again. People did notice but no one cared.

  7. You've proven how "deranged" you and the rest of your kind in Alaska have become.

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